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September 29th, 2016, 05:54 PM
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Saurashtra University CBCS Syllabus

Anyone of you please get the BSC Physcis Syllabus which come under CBCS system issued by Saurashtra University?

I will get the BSC Physcis Syllabus which come under CBCS system issued by Saurashtra University so that you can check it easily.

Here is the syllabus

(1) Conservation Laws:
Review of Newton’s laws of motion(2.9, 2.11, & 2.14), Work(4.1), Power(4.2),
Conservation of Force (4.3), Kinetic energy-Work-Energy Principle (4.4),
Potential energy (4.5), The law of Conservation of energy (4.6), One dimensional
Conservative system (4.7-a) Conservation of linear momentum (4.9), Centre of
Mass (4.10), Collision (4.12)

(2) Dynamics of Rigid Bodies:
Rotational motion (only definition) (5.1), Torque acting on a particle (5.2),
Angular momentum (5.3), Relation between Torque and Angular momentum (5.4),
Moment of Inertia (5.6), Expressions for Moment of Inertia (5.7), Radius of
Gyration (5.8), Theorems on Moment of Inertia (5.11), Moment of Inertia of a
Rectangle (5.13), Moment of Inertia of Circular ring (5.14), Moment of Inertia of
Circular disc (5.15)

(3) Gravitation, Gravity and Satellites :
(Review of Newton’s Gravitational law, Gravitations field & Potential) (6.1 to 6.3)
Relation between Gravitational Potential and Field strength (6.6) Potential and
Field Due to a Solid Sphere (6.8), Gravitational Potential Self Energy (6.10),
Gravitational Self-Energy (6.11), Escape Velocity (6.12), Kepler’s Laws of Planetary
Motion (6.13), Proof of Kepler’s Laws (6.14), Satellites (6.15), Time Period of Satellite
(6.16), State of Weightlessness (6.17)

BSC Physcis Syllabus under CBCS system

For full information please have a look on file

Saurashtra University
Saurashtra University Campus, Rajkot, Gujarat 360005

0281 257 8501
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