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Default Seminar in MGKVP

Hello sir, My name is rajesh. Would you like to share the latest notification of seminar at MGKVP so I can participate in it?
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Default Re: Seminar in MGKVP

Currently, there is no notification for the seminars at the Mahatma Gandhi Kashi Vidyapith, Varanasi

Here, I am giving you details of the previous seminar held at the Mahatma Gandhi Kashi Vidyapith, Varanasi.

Seminar on: Reflections and Revival of Buddhism in South and South-East Asia in
Modern Times
Organized by: Department of History, Center of Excellence,
Mahatma Gandhi Kashi Vidyapith(University), Varanasi, India

Topics presented on the seminar are:

Reflections & Revival of Buddhism in South and
South- East Asia in Modern Times
Baudh Dharma Eak Manav Dharma
Relevanee of Buddhist Education in the MoralSpiritual Development of Learners
Manav Ke Naitik Avam Aadhayatmik Uttan Me Baudh Dharm Ka Yogdan
Ambedkar Naitik Vikash Me Baudh Dharm Ka Yogdan
Buddhist Narratives and Moram Understanding
Bauddh Shaikchik Mulya Ka Pranukh Andhar /Eak Vishlesad
Buddhism: Moral and Spritual Development
Grossly Underutilised Tourism Product of Varanasi
Sarnath Prachin Evam Vartman
Baudh Paryatan (Tirth) Sthalo Ka Arathik Mahatva)
Resurgence of Buddhist Monuments in Western India: A Holistic Perspective to Explore Their Role and Place in Buddhist Revival in India
Madhay Asia Avam Dakhin Purva Asia Me Bauddh Dharma
Dalit Jankalyan Aur Baudh Dharma
The Buddhism and New Dalit Movement
Rastra Nirmata Dr. Ambedkar Ka Dharma
Parivartan Jivan Ka Sapeksh Sach: Eak Vivechan
Buddhism: Wepaons of World Peace A Study of
Changing Scenario in Madhya Pradesh of India
Contribution of Buddhism in Conervation and Preservation of Nature
Vartman Samaj Me Buddh Ki Shiksha Ka Mahatva
Buddhist Philosophy And Gloablization: A Philosophical View
Relevance of Buddhism in the 21st Century
Asia Me Triyagma Sampraday Ki Vartman Sthiti
Selflessness: Toward a Buddhist Vision of Social Justic
The role of Social Justic: Buddhism in Moral & Spiritual Development
MGKVP Seminar
International Seminar on Reflections and Revival of Buddhism in South and South-East Asia in Modern Times (31st March to 2nd April, 2012) Organized by: Department of History, Center of Excellence, Mahatma Gandhi Kashi Vidyapith(University), Varanasi, India This international seminar began in the forenoon of 31st march 2012 with the inaugural addresses by a noted Buddhist thinker and economist Prof. Dr. Krishnanath ji, Editor, ‘Parisamvad’, a magazine of Krishnamurthi Foundation and Bhante Dr. K. Siri Sumedh Thero, Founder President, Indo-Sri Lanka International Buddhist Association And High Priest, Jambudvipa Sri Lanka Buddhist Temple, Sarnath. The ceremony was chaired and addressed by Dr. Prithvish Nag, Hon’ble Vice-Chancellor, M.G.Kashi Vidyapith, Varanasi and Ex-Surveyor General of India and co-chaired and addressed by Prof. Dr. Manjula Chaturvedi, Dean, Faculty of Humanities and Art historian on Laddakh and other Himalayan region. The Key-note on the subject of the seminar was delivered by Prof. Dr. Mahesh Vikram Singh, HOD, Dept. of History, M.G.Kashi Vidyapith, Varanasi. About 150 delegates besides 20 Resource persons took active part in the deliberations and interventions. Some eminent scholars and explorers and surveyors from the discipline of history, cultural geography, history of religion, philosophy, literature and Pali and Buddhist studies from within and outside India were the resource persons of the seminar. Renowned explorer and archaeologist on Tibet like John Vincent Bellezza, Sen. Research scholar from University of Virginia, USA and scholars like Prof. AKe Sender, Department of Literature, History of Ideas & Religion, University of Gothenburg. Sweden, Dr. Clemens Cavallin, Seniour Lecturer & Director of Studies, Dept. of Literature, History of Ideas and Religions, Gothenburg, Sweden, Ms. Hanna Anderson also from Gothenburg, Ms. Catherine Prueitt, Fulbright-Nehru Graduate Student Research Scholar, Ph.D. candidate, Emory University, Atlanta, Georgia, USA were the western scholars who attended the seminar. Then there were representatives from different monasteries of Sri Lanka, Burma, Tibet and Cambodia namely Dr. K. Siri Sumedh Thero, Dr. U. Nagavamsa, Burmese Dhammacakka Meditaton Center, Saranath, Dr. Ven. Lobsang Norbu Shastri, Associate Professor, Translation, Central University of Tibetan Studies, Saranath and Ven. Dr. Sem Pech, Abbot, Cambodian Temple, Sarnath. Various scholars like Prof. Dr. H.N.Dubey, Dept. of Ancient History and Archaeology, University of Allahabad, Prof. Dr.Rana P.B.Singh, Senior Geographist, Dept.of Geography, B.H.U, Prof. Dr. Asha Mukharjee, Dept. of Philosophy, Vishwabharti University, Shantiniketan, Prof. & Dean, Dr.H.S.Prasad, Dept. of Philosophy, University of Delhi, Prof. Dr. H.S. Shukla, B.H.U, Dr. Binda Paranjpe, Associate Professor, Dept. of History, B.H.U., Prof. Dr. Shailendra P. Panthri, (Retd.), Dept. of History, M.G.Kashi Vidyapith, Varanasi, Prof. Dr. Atul K. Sinha, Dept. of History and Archaeology, University of Ruhikhand, Bareilly, Dr. S.B.Singh, Buddhist Study Center, Nalanda as resource persons and several other presenters from within India were the part of the seminar.

The Seminar was conducted through seven technical sessions in all covering different aspects and dimensions of the subject. This included role of state and government, Contribution of Buddhism in moral and spiritual development, Areas of Buddhist studies, Intellectual exercise, Buddhist educational and cultural centers, Buddhist temples and monasteries and their missionary activities, Funding for promotion of Buddhist centers and its impact, Contribution of Buddhism in material uplift of communities and places, Neo-Buddhist movements: Dalit movement, Relevance of Buddhism in addressing socio-political challenges in India, Tibetan Buddhist: movement and dilemma, Reform movement within Buddhist denominations and new Buddhist sects and the environmental and ecological concerns of Buddhism. There were more than 70 papers submitted for presentation but only 30 could make the floor due to paucity of time. Some special lectures were also organized with the availability of scholars of repute in their field related to Buddhist archaeology and ecology. The key-note to the seminar presented by Prof. M.V.Singh elaborated the meaning of reflections and revival of Buddhism both at the spiritual and mundane level and cited developments with regard to Buddhism in Sri Lanka, Nepal, Thailand, Burma and India. The reform movements within the Buddhist church in countries like Thailand, Sri Lanka, Burma and elsewhere as well as the association of Buddhism with certain social movements in India and around were also brought to notice through this address. Bhante Dr. Sumedh Thero recorded the contribution of the western scholars in the revival of Buddhism in modern era in India, Sri Lanka and other south Asian countries through their studies and translations of Buddhist scriptures and archaeological discoveries. Prof. Krishnanath ji pointed towards the continuous presence of the Buddhist tradition in the Himalayan region. He also spoke about the distinct features and concept of Buddhist meditational practice, i.e. Vipasyana which in his opinion is more conducive to human energies and the peace of mind. Prof. Manjula Chaturvedi gave a description of the surviving and present art forms, precisely paintings, in the region of Leh and Laddakh besides some other Himalayan contours which are showing the new ethos of Buddhism and its acceptance by the world community. Dr. Prithvish Nag presented the history of Buddhism right from early times to its present cultural zones and sites through his digital mapping and geo-spatial studies which is certainly helpful in making tourist itinerary to Buddhist spots or Buddhist pilgrimage in India.
To get the MGKVP notification, I am giving you procedure here, follow the steps below.

Visit at the official website of the MGKVP.
At the left hand side of the page, you will find the SEMINAR/WORKSHOP link
Click on the link
Now you will have links for seminar
You can get the seminar notification now

Contact Details:

Mahatma Gandhi Kashi Vidyapith
Station Road, Maldahiya Crossing, Kashi Vidyapith,, Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh 221002 ‎
0542 222 3160 ‎

For more details about the seminar, download the attachment.
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