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Default Solved Assignments of KUVEMPU University

I am Pursuing B.SC IT Course from KUVEMPU University. I want to assignment for this year examinations. So I need sample solved assignment for B.SC IT Course of KUVEMPU University. So do you know from where I can download assignment?

As you are looking for Assignment for B.SC IT Course of KUVEMPU University, so here I am providing assignment:

KUVEMPU University Assignment for B.SC IT
Subject: Graphics & Multimedia
Subject Code: BSIT – 51
Assignment: TA (Compulsory)

1.What is the meaning of interactive computer graphics? List the variousapplications of the computer graphics.
The term “interactive graphics” refers to devices and systems that facilitate the man-machine graphic communication, in a way, which is more convenient than the writingconvention. For example, to draw a straight line between two points, one has to input thecoordinates of the two end points. In interactive graphics with the help of graphical inputtechnique by indicating two end points on the display screen draws the line.
Various applications of the computer graphics are listed below :-
i). Building Design and Construction
ii). Electronics Design
iii). Mechanical Design
iv). Entertainment and Animation
v). Aerospace Industry
vi). Medical Technology
vii). Cartography
viii). Art and Commerce.

2. Explain in detail the Hardware required for effective graphics on thecomputer system.
The hardware components required to generate interactive graphics are the input device,the outputdevice (usually display) and the computer system. The human operator is alsoan integral part of theinteractive system. The text and graphics displayed act as an input tothe human vision system and, therefore, the reaction of the human being will depend onhow quickly one can see and appreciate thegraphics present on the display.

3. Compare Raster scan system with random scan system.
In raster scan display, the electron beam is swept across the screen, one row at a timefrom top to bottom. The picture definition is stored in a memory area called refresh buffer or frame buffer. In random scan display unit, a CRT has the electron beam directed only tothe parts of the screen where a picture is to be drawn. It draws a picture one line at a timeand so it is referred to as vector displays.

Raster scan
The Most common type of graphics monitor employing a CRT is the raster-scan Display,based on television technology. In a raster- scan system; the electron beam is sweptacross the screen, one row at a time from top to bottom. The picture definition is stored ina memory area called the refresh buffer or frame buffer. Each point on the screen is calledpixel. On a black and system with one bit per pixel, the frame buffer is called bitmap. For systems with multiple bits per pixel, the frame buffer is referred to as a pix map.

4. How many colors are possible if

a. 24 bits / pixel is used

b. 8 bits / pixel is used Justify your answer

a). 24 bit color provides 16.7 million colors per pixels, That 24 bits are divided into 3 bytes;one each for the read, green, and blue components of a pixel.

b). 256, 8 bits per pixel = 2^8 colours.
5. Define resolution.Resolution:

Image resolution refers as the pixel spacing i.e. the distance from one pixelto the next pixel. A typical PC monitor displays screen images with a resolutionsomewhere between 25 pixels per inch and 80 pixels per inch. Pixel is the smallestelement of a displayed image, and dots (red, green and blue) are the smallest elements of a display surface (monitor screen). The dot pitch is the measure of screen resolution. Thesmaller the dot pitch, the higher the resolution, sharpness and detail of the imagedisplayed.

6. Define aspect ratio.Aspect ratio:
The aspect ratio of the image is the ratio of the number of X pixels to the

number of Y pixels. The standard aspect ratio PCs is 4:3, and some use 5:4. Monitors arecalibrated to this standard so that when you draw a circle it appears to be a circle and notan ellipse.

7. Why refreshing is required in CRT?
When the electron beam strikes a dot of phosphor material, it glows for a fraction of asecond and then fades. As brightness of the dots begins to reduce, the screen-imagebecomes unstable and gradually fades out. In order to maintain a stable image, theelectron beam must sweep the entire surface of the screen and then return to redraw itnumber of times per second. This process is called refreshing the screen. If the electronbeam takes too long to return and redraw a pixel, the pixel begins to fade results in flicker in the image. In order to avoid flicker the screen image must be redrawn sufficiently quicklythat the eye cannot tell that refresh is going on. The refresh rate is the number of times per second that the screen is refreshed. Some monitor uses a technique called interlacing for refreshing every line of the screen. In the first pass, odd-numbered lines are refreshed,and in the second pass, even –numbered lines are refreshed. This allows the refresh rateto be doubled because only half the screen is redrawn at a time.

8. Name the different positioning devices.
The devices discussed so far,
the mouse
the tablet
the joystick
are called“positioning devices”. They are able to position the curser at any point on the screen. (Wecan operate at that point or the chain of points) Often, one needs devices that can “point”to a given position on the screen. This becomes essential when a diagram is already thereon the screen, but some changes are to be made. So, instead of trying to know itscoordinates, it is advisable to simply “point” to that portion of the picture and asks for changes. The simplest of such devices is the “light pen”. Its principle is extremely simple.

9. What are pointing devices?
A pointing device is an input interface (specifically a human interface device) that allows auser to input spatial (i.e., continuous and multi-dimensional) data to a computer. CADsystems and graphical user interfaces (GUI) allow the user to control and provide data tothe computer using physical gestures — point, click, and drag — for example, by moving ahand-held mouse across the surface of the physical desktop and activating switches onthe mouse. Movements of the pointing device are echoed on the screen by movements of the pointer (or cursor) and other visual changes.

10. What is multimedia?

The word ‘Multimedia’ seems to be everywhere nowadays. The word multimedia is acompoundof the Latin prefix ‘multi’ meaning many, and the Latin-derived work ‘media’, which is thepluralof the world medium. So multimedia simply means ‘using more than one kind of medium’.Multimedia is the mixture of two or more media effects-Hypertext, Still Images, sound, Animation and Video to be interacted on a computer terminal.

11. What are sound cards?Sound cards:

The first sound blaster was an 8-bit card with 22 KHz sampling, besidesbeing equipped with a number of drives and utilities. This became a king of model for theother sound cards. Next came the Sound Blaster Pro, again 8-bit sound but with a higher sampling rate of 44 KHz, which supports a wider frequency range. Then there wasYamaha OPL3 chipset with more voices. Another development was built-in CD ROMinterface through which huge files could be played directly via the sound card.

12. What is sampling?
Sampling is like breaking a sound into tiny piece and storing each piece as asmall, digital sample of sound. The rate at which a sound is “Sampled” can affect itsquality. The higher the sampling rate (the more pieces of sound that are stored) the better the quality of sound. Higher quality of sound will occupy a lot of space in hard diskbecause of more samples.

13. What is morphing?Morphing:
The best example would be the Kawasaki advertisement, where themotorbike changes into a cheetah, the muscle of MRF to a real muscle etc.. Morphing ismaking an image change into another by identifying key points so that the key point’sdisplacement, etc. are taken into consideration for the change.

14. What is rendering?Rendering:
The process of converting your designed objects with texturing andanimation into an image or a series of images is called rendering. Here various parametersare available like resolution, colors type of render, etc.

15. What is warping?

Certain parts of the image could be marked for a change and made to changeto different one. For examples, the eyes of the owl had to morph into the eyes of cat, theeyes can alone be marked and warped.

16. Why we use scanner?
Photographs, illustrations, and paintings continue to be made the old fashioned way, evenby visual artists who are otherwise immersed in digital imaging technology. Traditionalphotographs, illustrations, and paintings are easily imported into computers through theuse of a device called a scanner.

A Scanner “scans’” over an image such as photo, drawing, logo, etc, converting itinto an image and it can be seen on the screen. Using a good paint programme, ImageEditor we can do adding, removing colors, filtering, Masking color etc.
17. What is ganut in Photoshop?

Write yourself...

18. What is a layer?

The concept of layering is similar to that of compositing as we make the different layers bykeying out the uniform color and making it transparent so that layer beneath becomesvisible. In case of future modifications we will be able to work with individual layers andneed not work with the image as a whole.
19. What are editing tools? Why it is needed?
You can use the editing tools to draw on a layer, and you can copy and paste selections toa layer.

Many types of editing tools are:-

i).Eraser tool:
The eraser tool changes pixels in the image as you drag through them.You can choose to change the color and transparency of the affected pixels, or to revertthe affected area to its previously saved version.

ii).Smudge tool:
The smudge tool simulates the actions of dragging a finger through

wet paint. The tool picks up color from where the stroke begins and pushes it in thedirection in which you drag.

20. What is file format?

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Hi Gm

if any one having the solved m.com assignments under kuvempu university pls do send to my email id : msvinod14@gmail.com

And pls do inform if any scanners availble

1. Evolution of Management Thoughts. 5 Marks

2. Problems involved in decision making. 5 Marks

3. Merits and limitations of scientific management thought. 5 Marks

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3. Need for and Importance of controlling marketing operations. 5 Marks

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3. Importance of cost of capital in Capital Budgeting Decisions. 5 Marks

Paper -04: Accounting Theory

1. Approaches of Human Resources Accounting. 5 Marks

2. Accounting policies. 5 Marks

3. Role of IASB. 5 Marks
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