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South Indian Bank Recruitment GD Topics

I want to know the Topics of Group Discussion South Indian Bank Clerk Recruitment so can you please tell me?

Group Discussion GDs are becoming common in bank recruitment

GD topics given for these interviews are normally simple.

Most probably it will be very generic and won't be that specific which needs indepth knowledge in any particular area.

In the Group Discussion, a topic is given ranging from the current affairs and other events to a group of candidates and it is then discussed in the group.

Sample Group Discussion Topics-


1. Is Recession good for Indian IT industry.
2. The future of Indian IT industry.
3. BPO - a rising opportunity or a passing fad?
4. With the increasing use of IT in daily life, machines are controlling man.
5. Is India Industry more dependent on IT and services sector?
6. IT helps social integration
7. Increasing use of computers is de-humanizing society.


1. Should euthanasia be legalized?
2. Capital punishment should be abolished.
3. Cloning of human beings should be allowed.
4. Is pocket money enough for the youth of today?
5. Love cannot be confined to Valentine's Day.
6. A women's place is at home.
7. Parents don't understand children.
8. Are we raising a society of burnt out children?
9. Should we have job reservation in the private sector?
10. Beauty pageants are a waste of time and should be banned.
11. Is women empowerment a myth?
12. The biggest problem facing India is unskilled labour
13 Film awards are a farce and should be stopped.
14 Brain drain vs brain in the drain.
15. The media should be more socially responsible.


1. Is cricket hampering the growth of other sports in India?
2. Twenty20 -Future of world cricket?
3. One billon people and only one Olympic medal!
4. How can we make India a sporting super power?
5. Sania Mirza - the Indian Kournikova
6. Are Indian cricketers over-rated?
7. Should the Indian cricket team have a foreign coach?
8. Cricket telecast is a waste of time.


1. Politics is the root cause of all problems in India.
2. Politics of criminals vs criminalisation of politics.
3. For true democracy to happen, it must first happen within all political parties.
4. Women's reservation in Parliament.
5. Should India give up Kashmir?


1. Should use of mobile phones be banned on campus?
2. Should college students wear uniforms?
3. Privatisation of professional education: Is it good or bad?
4. Should politics be allowed on campus?
5. We should shift to Open Book Policy for examinations.
6. Our education system should be revamped.


1. Is honesty the best policy for a citizen of India?
2. Profit is a bad word in business.
3. Ethics and business do not co-exist.
4. Advertising is all glitter and no truth.


1.The world is flat.
2.The Sun always rises in the East.
3. The colour of the cat is not a matter of concern as long as it catches mice.
4. Green is better than red.
5. Life is like a box of chocolates.

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