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June 6th, 2016, 02:25 PM
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Re: SRM University Engineering Entrance Exam Model Papers

The previous year question paper for the SRM Entrance examination for the engineering discipline is as follows:

1. A body starts from rest and moves with a uniform acceleration of 6 ms−2

Ans : 21 m

2. Dimensions are not same for the pair

Ans : Power and strain

3. If L, C, R denote the inductance, capacitance and resistance respectively, ...

Ans : M°L°T

4. Pick out the stranger in the group

Ans : Magnetic moment

5. A scooter is going round a circular road of radius 200 m at a speed of 20 ms−1

Ans : 0.1 rad s−1

6. In some region, the gravitational field is zero...

Ans : Must be constant

7. Two spheres of mass m and M are situated in air and the gravitational force between them ...

Ans : f

8. The ratio of the lengths of two wires a and b of same material is

Ans : 1:27

9. Bernoulli’s theorem is based on the principle of conservation of

Ans : Energy

10. The ring of radius 1 m and mass 15 kg is rotating about its diameter ....

Ans : 2343.7 J

11. The total energy of a body executing simple harmonic motion is E..

Ans : E

12. Pick out the stranger

Ans : newton-meter

Note : If considered as troque, will be a vector

13. A tunnel has been dug through the centre of the earth and a ball is ....

Ans : 42 minute

14. Entropy of the universe tends to be

Ans : Maximum

15. Heating of water at atmospheric pressure is considered under the ...

Ans : Isobaric

16. A Carnot engine working between 200 K and 500 K has a work output of 900 J...

Ans : 1500 J

17. A heavenly body is receding from Earth such that the fractional change in ...

Ans : 2c

Note : No matter can move even at a speed of light

18. The penetration of light into the region of geometrical shadow is called

Ans : Diffraction

19. A man is 160 cm tall and his eyes are 15 cm below the top of his head.....

Ans : 80 cm

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