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July 14th, 2016, 04:52 PM
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SSC Auditor Promotion

Hi buddy will you plz tell me about Assistant Audit Officer Career Path and Opportunities of promotions, as my big brother asking about the same

We know Assistant Audit Officer posts get through SSC Combined Graduate Level Examination which is a gazetted officer post, one will be involved in decision making at the sectional level.

As you asking I am telling Career Path and Opportunities of promotions,.

Promotion I: Audit Officer (AO) – 6 to 10 years

Promotion II: Sr.Audit officer (Sr. AO) – 2 to 4 years after first promotion

Promotion III: Deputy Auditor General (DAG)

Promotion IV: Senior Deputy Auditor General (Sr. DAG)

SSC : Assistant Audit Officer (AAO) Exam Syllabus
General Studies (Finance and Economics)
Part A: Finance and Accounts-(80 marks)
Financial Accounting:

1.Nature and scope
2.Limitations of Financial Accounting
3.Basic concepts and Conventions
4.Generally Accepted Accounting Principles
Basic concepts of accounting:

1. Single and double entry
2. Books of original Entry
3. Bank Reconciliation
4. Journal
5. Ledgers
6. Trial Balance
7. Rectification of Errors
8. Manufacturing, Trading, Profit & loss Appropriation Accounts
9. Balance Sheet
10. Distinction between Capital and Revenue Expenditure
11. Depreciation Accounting
12. Valuation of Inventories
13. Non-profit organisations Accounts
14. Receipts and Payments and Income & Expenditure Accounts
15. Bills of Exchange
16. Self Balancing Ledgers
Part B: Economics and Governance-(120 marks)
Comptroller & Auditor General of India:

1. Constitutional provisions
2. Role and responsibility
Finance Commission:

Role and functions

Basic Concept of Economics and introduction to Micro Economics

1. Definition
2. scope and nature of Economics
3. Methods of economic study
4. Central problems of an economy
5. Production possibilities curve
Theory of Demand and Supply

1. Meaning and determinants of demand,
2. Law of demand and Elasticity of demand,
3. Price, income and cross elasticity;
4. Theory of consumer’s behaviour-Marshallian approach and Indifference curve approach,
5. Meaning and determinants of supply,
6. Law of supply and Elasticity of Supply.
Theory of Production and cost

1. Meaning and Factors of production;
2. Laws of production- Law of variable proportions and Laws of returns to scale.
Forms of Market and price determination in different markets

1. Various forms of markets-Perfect Competition, Monopoly
2. Monopolistic Competition and Oligopoly ad Price determination in these markets
Indian Economy:

1. Nature of the Indian Economy
2. Role of different sectors-Role of Agriculture, Industry and Services-their problems and growth
3. National Income of India-Concepts of national income, Different methods of measuring national income
4. Population-Its size, rate of growth and its implication on economic growth
5. Poverty and unemployment- Absolute and relative poverty, types, causes and incidence of unemployment
6. Infrastructure-Energy, Transportation, Communication
Economic Reforms in India:

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