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November 9th, 2017, 04:14 PM
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Re: Syllabus BA English Kannur University

The syllabus of BA (Bachelor of Arts) English Language and Literature offered by Kannur University is as follows:

The English Core Courses are as follows:


Course Outline

Module 1History of English Language (Three hours/week)

1. Theories of the origin of languages
2. Language families
3. The Indo European family
4. Descent of English
5. Old/Middle/Modern English
6. Renaissance, Reformation and the growth of English language
7. Word formation
8. Individual contributors to the growth of English language
9. Loan words
10. Semantic changes
11. Varieties of English language of the present time (American, Indian(Hinglish), Chinglish, Pidgin, Creole)

Module 2 Introduction to Literature and History of English Literature (Three hours/week)

What is Literature? What is a Text? (From chapter one of Mario Klarer, Introduction to Literary Studies, Routledge-2013 London)

1. Old English Literature
2. Middle English Literature
3. Elizabethan Poetry and Prose
4. Elizabethan Drama
5. John Milton and his Time
6. Restoration Drama and Prose
7. English Poets 1660-1798
8. Eighteenth Century Prose
9. Early Nineteenth Century Poets
10. Later Nineteenth Century Poets
11. Nineteenth Century Novelists
12. Other Nineteenth Century Prose
13. Twentieth Century Novels and other Prose
14. Twentieth Century Drama
15. Twentieth Century Poetry

Suggested Reading: (for History of Language)
1. Baugh, A.C History of English Language CUP 2002
2. Jespersen, Otto, Growth and Structure of English Language Chicago University Press
3. Mugglestone, Lynda. The Oxford History of English O U P 2006
4. Wrenn, C L. The English Language. Vikas New Delhi: Vikas 2000
5. F T. Wood. An Outline History of English Language
6. Yule, George. The Study of Language ; C U P 2000

Suggested Reading: (for History of Literature)
1. Alexander, Michael: A History of English Literature, New York: Palgrave 2007
2. Drabble Margaret, The Oxford Companion to English Literature, O U P 1995
3. Evans, Ifor. A Short History of English Literature, London: Penguin 1963
4. Nayar, Pramod. Short History of English Literature, C U P 2014
5. Peck, John and Martin Coyle A Brief History of English Literature,Palgrave 2002
6. Poplawski, Paul Ed. English Literature in Context. C U P 2008
7. History of English Literature: by John Mulgan and D M Davin, Oxford Clarendon Press
8. Sampson, George. Cambridge History of English Literature. C U P 2014 (Chapters 6&7 Literary Overview, Texts and issues, pages 546-564 and Literary Overview, pages 618-624)

Topics for assignments and seminars (English Literature)
Literature of the Anglo-Saxon period, Introduction of Printing, Reformation Literature, Cavalier and Puritans, Metaphysical poetry, Restoration Drama, Alexander Pope and Jonathan Swift, Henry Fielding, Smollett, Samuel Richardson, Sir Walter Scott, Thomas Carlyle, the Rossettis, G.M. Hopkins, Charles Dickens, Bertrand Russell, Anglo-Irish Literature (All the writers to be contextualized- placed in relation to relevant historical contexts).

Topics for Assignments/Seminars (English Language).Extended topics from the prescribed syllabus

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