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Re: TANCET M.Tech exam question paper

As you want I am here providing you sample paper of TANCET M.Tech entrance exam.

Sample paper :
Question 1

The increasing order of adsorption power of adsorbants is given by A Alumina > silica gel > magnesia > calcium carbonate
B Calcium carbonate > magnesia > silica gel > alumina
C Magnesia > calcium carbonate > alumina > silica gel
D Silica gel > magnesia > calcium carbonate > alumina
Question 2

Which of the following statements is true?I. For a first order reaction the half time is directly proportional to the rate constantII. In a zero order reaction the rate does not change with timeIII. Molecularity is always a whole number and it cannot be zero A I and II
B I and III
C II and III
D I, II and III
Question 3

The regions of electromagnetic spectrum given in terms of wave length for Microwave, Visible and Mid. IR spectroscopy are given respectively by A 1 – 100 mm, 2.5 – 50 m μ and 380 – 780 nm
B 2.5 – 50mμ, 1 – 100 mm and 380 – 780 nm
C 380 – 780 nm, 2.5 – 50 mμ and 1 – 100 mm
D 1 – 100 mm, 380 – 780 nm and 2.5 – 50 mμ
Question 4

The increase in order of carbon content of the different types of coal is given by A Peat < sub- bituminous coal < Bituminous coal < Anthracite
B Peat < Bituminous coal < Sub- bituminous coal < anthracite
C Anthracite < Sub- bituminous coal < Bituminous coal < Peat
D Anthracite < Bituminous coal < Sub- bituminous coal < Peat
Question 5

The velocity ratio of a first system of pulleys with pulleys is A 4
B 8
C 16
D 20
Question 6

The efficiency of a screw jack may be increase by A Increasing the pitch
B Decreasing the pitch
C Increasing the load to be lifted
D decreasing the load to be lifted
Question 7

If a body is in equilibrium, we may conclude thati. no force acts on the bodyii. the resultant of all forces acting on it is zeroiii. the moments of the forces about any point is zero A (1) only
B (2) only
C (1) and (2) only
D (2) and (3) only
Question 8

The outer most ring between the bark and sap wood which is not yet converted into wood is known as A Heart wood
B Pith
C Cambium layer
D Medullary rays
Question 9

Soundness of cement is a measure of A Volume change on setting
B Its durability
C Its strength
D Permeability
Question 10

The calcined materials, the major part of which is calcium oxide with small amounts of magnesium oxide is called A Slaked lime
B Quick lime
C Milk lime
D Calcium hydroxide
Question 11

Shingle is A Disintegrated rock
B Decomposed basalt
C Crushed stone
D Water worn pebbles
Question 12

Marble is quarried by A Blasting
B Heating
C Wedging
D Excavating
Question 13

Pensky- Martens apparatus is used for testing A penetration resistance of bitumen
B flash point of bitumen
C friction resistance of bitumen
D ductility of bitumen
Question 14

The main constituent of all types of glass is A Silica
B Potash
C Lime
D Lead oxide
Question 15

Vicat Apparatus is used for testing A Soundness of cement
B Strength of cement mortar cube
C setting time of cement
D Workability of cement mortar
Question 16

Queen closer is A brick used in Voussoirs
B a brick whose corner is cut
C brick used in cornice
D a brick cut into two longitudinally
Question 17

For construction of heavy engineering works like piers, bridges and dams, the best suited stone is A Granite
B Marble
C Slate
D Lime Stone
Question 18

In order to find the Thevenin’s impedance in a circuit consisting of bilateral, linear elements and energy sources. A All the independent voltage- sources and current sources are short- circuited
B All the independent voltage- sources and current sources are open- circuited
C All the independent voltage- sources are short- circuited and the independent
D All the independent voltage- sources are open- circuited and all independent current sources are short- circuited
Question 19

A 440V Dc shunt motor draws 100A through its armature while running at 100 radn. per second. Ra = 0.4 Ω. The torque developed will be A 100 Nm
B 200 Nm
C 300 Nm
D 400 Nm
Question 20

The eddy current loss in a transformer is 100 W with f = 60 Hz and thickness t of laminations = 0.4 mm. With f = 50 Hz and t = 0.2 mm, the new eddy current loss will be A 17.36W
B 20.83W
C 240W
D 576W
Question 21

A 3 phase salient pole synchronous motor is driving a light load at synchronous speed. The DC supply to its field is disconnected. Then A the motor retards to standstill
B the motor starts racing
C the motor continues to run at synchronous speed, using the reluctance torque
D the motor continues to run at synchronous speed, using the synchronous torque
Question 22

The process of increasing the cross- section of a bar at the expense of its length is called A upsetting
B drawing
C spinning
D peening
Question 23

A carburetor is a device that mixes A air and lubricating oil
B air and fuel
C fuel and lubricating oil
D collant water and lubricating oil
Question 24

The octane number of normal petrol is in the range of A 20 – 40
B 40 – 60
C 60 – 80
D 80 – 100
Question 25

The accuracy of micrometers and verniers can be checked by A feeler gauges
B slip gauges
C plug gauges
D ring gauges
Question 26

The device which converts heat energy into kinetic energy in a steam turbine is known as A Steam condenser
B Steam diffuser
C Steam nozzle
D Economizer
Question 27

E- mail is a term used to refer A transmission of massages by use of computer network systems and telecommunication facilities
B data transmission medium made of tiny threads of glass
C information organized into interrelated set of records
D a device that modulates and demodulates signals transmitted over voice grade communication facilities
Question 28

In DOS, wild card characters are used to A delete an unknown file
B copy an unknown file
C create a unknown file
D substitute one character in an unknown file
Question 29

A widely used hierarchical database system is A Oracle
B Ingres
C System 2000
D Sybase
Question 30

Which of the following is NOT a facility provided by the Debug Monitors? A Setting breakpoints in the program
B Displaying values of program variables
C Assigning new values to program variables
D Code optimization in the program
Question 31

The least degree of the polynomial curve that can pass through the points (0, 1), (1, 3), (2, 7) and (3, 13) is A 1
B 2
C 3
D 4
Question 32

Suppose that each of three men at a party throws his hat into the centre of the room. The hats are first mixed up and then each man randomly selects a hat. The probability that none of the three man winds up with one’s own hat is A 1
B 0
C 1/3
D 2/3
Question 33

Jamin’s interferometer is used to determine A Refractive index of a gas
B Velocity of light
C Phase transitions of a compound
D Optical activity of a substance
Question 34

The temperature at which Joul- Thomson effect changes sign is called A Neutral temperature
B Boyle temperature
C Inversion temperature
D Critical temperature
Question 35

Which quantum number is conserved in strong but not in weak electromagnetic interaction? A Iso spin quantum number
B Baryon quantum number
C Lepton number
D Multiplet number
Question 36

Which of the following are NOT emitted by radio- active substances? A Alpha rays
B Beta rays
C Positrons
D Protons
Question 37

Atoms with high first ionization potential always have A large atomic size
B Small atomic size
C Strongly bound valency electrons
D Metallic properties
Question 38

Which of the following metal is used in galvanizing of Fe? A Chromium
B Zinc
C Cadmium
D Tin
Question 39

ESR is mainly used in the study of A compounds containing hydrogen
B Free radicals
C compounds containing carbon
D ionic compounds
Question 40

As per the Lami’s theorem, if three force acting at a point are in equilibrium then each force is proportional to A product of the other two
B sine of the angle between the other two
C square root of the product of the other two
D tan of the angle between the other two
Question 41

The tangent of the angle of friction is equal to A Tangential frictional reaction
B Coefficient of friction
C Boundary shear stress
D Frictional force
Question 42

Mastic Asphalt is A Acid resisting material
B Corrosive material
C Non- Corrosive material
D Heat resisting material
Question 43

Stainless steel resists corrosion due to A Carbon
B Sulphur
C Vanadium
D Chromium
Question 44

The number of atoms per unit cell for a BCC lattice is A 1
B 2
C 3
D 4
Question 45

According to classical theory, the proposed circular path of an electron in the Rutherford atom model will be A Circular
B Elliptical
C Parabolic
D Spiral
Question 46

With the increase of carbon content, the strength and hardness of steel A both increase
B both decrease
C both increase upto 0.8% carbon after which hardness increase while strength decrease
D both increase upto 8% carbon after which hardness decrease while strength increase
Question 47

Soundness of cement is tested by A Vicat apparatus
B Flow table
D Le- Chatelier apparatus
Question 48

For the manufacture of stainless steel, steel is mixed with A Chromium
B Nickel
C Tungsten
D Zinc
Question 49

The vertical sides of a finished opening, for door, window or fire place are termed as A Reveals
B Jambs
C Sill
D Quoin
Question 50

The process of reducing moisture content in timber is called A Seasoning
B Knotting
C Moisture hardening
D Ring gall
Question 51

Gypsum is added while manufacturing cement for the propose of A adding preferred colour
B increasing the strength
C controlling cracking while setting
D controlling setting time
Question 52

Flow of current through a conducting surface is equal to the A space rate of flow of change
B space rate of change of voltage
C time rate of flow of change
D time rate of change of voltage
Question 53

A 230V DC Series motor is given a 230V AC 50 Hz supply. The motor will A no Start
B run at very high speed
C be oscillating
D rum slow with low efficiency
Question 54

The effective resistance of an iron cored choke working on ordinary supply frequency is more than its true resistance due to A increase in temperature
B capacitive effect between adjacent coil turns
C iron loss in core
D skin effect
Question 55

Two three phase transformers of different kVA rating are operated in parallel. They will share the load according to their ratings, if their A ohmic impedances are equal
B p.u. impedance are equal
C rated frequencies are equal
D secondary connections are the same
Question 56

Two coupled coils are connected in series- aiding. The total inductance is 70 mH. When one coil is reserved, the total inductance is 30mH. If the self inductance of one coil is 15mH, that of the second coil will be A 20 mH
B 25 mH
C 30 mH
D 35 mH
Question 57

Boilers are required in power plants to A heat air
B increase humidity of air
C generate steam
D condense steam
Question 58

The fitting mounted in the boiler, whose function is put off the fire in the furnace when water level falls beyond safe level is called A Fusible plus
B Safety valve
C Blow off cock
D Stop Valve
Question 59

The dimensions, in millimeters, of a A4 size drawing sheet is A 201 x 297
B 201 x 279
C 210 x 279
D 210 x 297
Question 60

The conic section whose eccentricity is 0.9, is called A Ellipse
B Parabola
C Hyperbola
D Involute

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