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Test of English as a Foreign Language or TOEFL past year question papers in PDF format

Can you please give me the Test of English as a Foreign Language or TOEFL past year question papers in PDF format?

2007 TOEFL- General English Question paper

Read the following passage & answer the questions that follows:

Though the U.S. prides itself on being a leader in the world community, a recent report shows that it lags far behind other industrialized countries in meeting the needs of its youngest and most vulnerable citizens. The U.S.has a higher infant mortality rate, a higher proportion of low birthweight babies,a smaller proportion of babies immunized against childhood diseases and a much higher rate of adolescent pregnancies . theses findings , described as a “quiet crisis “ requiring immediate and far-reaching action , appeared in a report prepared by a task force of educators , doctors , politicians and business people . According to the report , a fourth of the nation’s 12 million infants and toddlers live in poverty . as many as half confront risk factors that could harm their ability to develop intellectually , physically and socially . child immunization are too low , more children are born into poverty , more are in substandard care while their parents work and more being raised raised by single parents . when taken together these and other risk factors can lead to educations and health problems that are much harder and more costly to reverse.
The crisis begins in the womb with unplanned parenthood. Women with unplanned pregnancies are less likely to seek pre-natal care . in the U.S. 80% of teenage pregnancies and 56% of all pregnancies are unplanned .The problems continue after birth where unplanned pregnancies and unstable partnerships often go hand in hand . Since 1950, the number of single parent families has nearly tripled . More then 25 percent of all births today are to unmarried mothers . As the number of single parent families grows and more women enter the work force , infants and toddlers are increasingly in the care of people other than their parents .
Most disturbingly , recent statistics show that American parent are increasingly neglecting or abusing their children , In only four years from 1987-1971 the number of children in foster care increased by over 50 percent. Babies under the age of one are the fastest growing category of children entering foster care . The crisis affects children under the age of three most severely , the report says.yet, it is this period- from infancy through preschool years- that sets the stage fir a child’s future.

Q: 1 The main focus of the passage is on the plight of
(a) orphaned children (b) teenage mothers
(c) low birth weight babies (d) unwed mothers
(e) None of these

Q-2 Children falling in which are group are most severely affected by the quiet crisis”? (a) Below 1 years (b) Below 3 years
(c) Between 2 & 3 years (d) Between 1& 3 years
(e) None of these

Q-3 Which of the following does not constitute the ‘quite crisis’ in the U.S. as per the task force report.?
(a) Lower proportion of new born babies with normal weight
(b) Higher incidence of adolescent girls becoming mothers
(c) Lower rate of babies surviving childhood diseases
(d) Larger proportion of babies who are deprived of immunization
(e) Increasing cases of teenage couples getting divorced

Q-4 Which of the following statements is not true in the context of the passage ?
(a) The number of single-parent families today is approximately three times that four
(b) The number of children in the U.S.entering foster care has decreased after 1991.
decades ago .
(c) In the U.S. the number of infants living in poverty is about 3 million .
(d) Only 20 percent of all the pregnancies in the U.S. are planed
(e) About 6 million infants in the U.S. are likely to develop educational and health
problems .

Q-5 The number of children born to married mothers in the U.S. is approximately how many times the number of children born to unwed mothers ?
(a) 1.5 times (b) 2 times
(c) 3 times (d) 3.5 times
(e) Not mentioned in the passage

Q-6 Children born out of unplanned pregnancies are highly vulnerable because
(a) they are raised by single parents. (b) their parents are mostly poor .
(c) they are mostly malnourished. (d) they are less likely to receive prenatal care .
(e) their parents are emotionally immature.

(Q)-7 decide which of the following factor is/ are responsible for the physical, intellectual and social under-development of infants in the U.S.?
A. Illiteracy of parents B. Lack of parental care C. poverty
(a) Only A (b) Only B (c) Only C (d) Both A & C (e) Both B & C

(Q)-8 An increasing number of infants in the U.S. are in foster care on account of
(a) an increasing number of single parent families with the female member working
(b) an increasing number of women maintaining the status of unwed motherhood
and becoming economically independent.
(c) an increasing number of employed couples who are required to stay apart
(d) an increasing number of women getting divorced and abandoning their babies
(e) an increasing number of parents who lack awareness about baby-care

(Q)-9 The task force report seems to be based on the data pertaining to the period
(a) 1987-91 (b) 1950 onwards till data
(c) 1987 onwards till date (d) 1950-91
(e) 1991 onwards till date

Read the following passage & answer the questions that follows :

During World War II, an inventor submitted a scheme for building a giant airship armed with death rays to the British government . He had provided details of the engines, navigational system , etc. when question about the death-ray themselves he exclaimed , “ Oh, I thought the military had plenty of them available ,”
If a robot is defined, provisionally, as a machine made in the image of man, then it must be stated that like death – rays in 1940, robots in 1990 remain in the world of speculation not of established fact yet, just as the inventor took the existence of death – rays for granted and concentrated on putting them to use the popular imagination has been much more preoccupied by the question of what we should do when robots do arrive than with the business of actually making them , it is rather as if the Wright brothers first flight had been preceded by an extensive literature on air – traffic control .
The prevailing image on the robots as a walking talking mechanical man is firmly established in our consciousness. It is worth pondering how this nation –a hypothesis , took on so vivid a form . there are , it is true , machines in existence which we have , perhaps rather prematurely , categorized as robots . but long before even this primitive vanguard became a practical proposition the idea of the robots was enjoying a lively existence in human imagination . it seem to have been around even before it gained a name . other inventions had to take concrete

Q: 10 The author of the passage through the story of the inventor in Britain, desires to illustrate the point that.
(a) Scientists and inventors usually have a very fertile imagination.
(b) Adults & not only children can develop an absorbing in fantastic weapons.
(c) Speculation & hypothesisng are well-known & necessary aspect of inventions.
(d) People sometimes fail to distinguish between what is well-known but imaginary &
What is fact?

Q-11 The author compares the compares the hypothetical literature on air-traffic control with.
(a) People’s current preoccupation with how to deal with robots when we encounter them.
(b) The elaborate technical details that those working on robots must attend to.
(c) The regulation that will be necessary to protect robots from industrial espionage.
(d) The British inventor’s plan for the proposed airship.

Q-12 Though the walking taking man model of the robot is misleading, it persists in science fiction because.
(a) Science fiction by definition distorts reality
(b) The ability to talk gives them the potential to deal with metaphysical issue that science
fictions explore.
(c) Authors want the robot to be the symbol of all machine kind.
(d) The image is so strong that readers especially will feel lost if it is changed.

(d) The image is so strong that readers especially will feel lost if it is changed.

Q-13 According to the passage, Capek’s play RUR is of special interest because.
(a) It provided an account of Capek’s struggle to construct a mechanical man
(b) It transformed Capek who was an Engineer into a famous playwright.
(c) It showed that science & technology were quite advance in Czechoslovakia by about 1920.
(d) It gave the name ‘robot’ to the familiar motion of a mechanical man.

Q-14 In the realm of science fiction, mechanical men have been treated differently from other technological paraphernalia because.
(a) They could conveniently be used like the joker in the pack of cards.
(b) They could be characters in their own right and not only be props
(c) They could easily move from one setting in space or time to another.
(d) They could help answer metaphysical questions beyond the reach of human characters.
Choose the word which is most nearly the SAME in meaning as used in the

Q-15 Paraphernalia
(a) Accessories (b) Group
(c) Details (d) Inputs
Q-16 Obscure
(a) Foolish (b) Inaudible
(c) negligibly . (d) Unimportant

Choose the word which is most opposite in meaning

Q-17 Extensive
(a) Enormous (b) Far-reaching
(c) Absolute (d) Meager

Read the following passage & answer the questions that follow:

The past decade has upset many preconceptions about development and this more than anything else makes it difficult to be overly definite about what the next decade has in store. But there are a few things that one can assert with some confidence. First education, health and productive employment are crucial both for growth and for equity. we have tended o assume that all of these are the consequences of rapid economic growth and the only growth can generate the resources required for these purposes . but increasingly , it appears that these are better seen as the causes rather than as consequences of development of development . Virtually every case of successful development involves a prior improvement in literacy, technical skills , health status and access to production work .
Second, technological competence is the most important resource endowment and it explains a far larger proportion of growth in output trade than more conventional actors like natural resources or capital accumulation. the competence required is not just in research , in fact technological dynamism in the factory and the farm is more important than the presence of a larger research establishment .
Third the environmental imperative can no longer be ignored today as an international issue; itb is second only to disarmament. Nationally, the developmental consequences of environmental neglect are increasingly obvious.
In the Indian context there are at least two further factors which reinforce the above propositions . the first is population growth . given the pace of expansion of the population and the workforce human resource development acquires an added urgency . population growth is also one , but not necessarily the most important factor which underlines environmental stress in rural and urban areas . the second factor is that as a larger country we cannot carve out an independent position in the global system without building up a substantial capacity for self-reliant growth . the acquisition of technical competence is crucial for this purpose .
Until now we have tended to treat human resource development , technology issues and environment as subsidiary to the main task of planning . the thrust has been on : quantitative expansion of infrastructure and production with a focus on production targets like tones of steel , KWh of electricity , etcetera capacity targets like number of schools and students , number of villages electrified , etcetera , - catching up with known technologies – fuller use of natural resources – maximum mobilization of financial resources .

Q: 18 According to the passage we have so far placed more emphasis on which of the following?
(a) Maximum utilization of available finances
(b) Following known technologies
(c) Increased number of basic facilities and meeting number targets
(d) Optimum use of available natural resources

Q-19 According to the author which of the following factors support and strengthen his point of view ?
(1) Necessity for carrying out growth on the basic of our own strength
(2) Increased emphasis on production and coverage targets .
(A) Only (1) and not (2) (B) Only (2) and not (1)
(C) Either (1) or (2) (D) Both (1) and (2)

Q-20 Which of the following statements is not true in the context of the passage ?
(a) We will have bright future by only catching up known technologies
(b) Optimum self-reliance is the need of the day
(c) We have to now emphasise aspects of human resource development
(d) Technological competence has to be given due priority over more conventional

Q-21 According to the author , which of the following cannot be view as cause of development?
(a) Impovement in literacy (b) Betterment in health services
(c) Increase in underemployment (d) Speedy economic growth

Q-22 What seems to be the purpose of the author in writing this passage ?
(a) To show how the policy markers have failed
(b) Review of the past with a view to evolve positive direction for future
(c) A review of world affairs with special emphasis on developed countries (d) To prove how his predictions have turned out to be correct

Q-23 According to the author at the national level with passage of time , the effects of which of the following are being felt ?
(a) Progressive degradation of technological competence in urban areas
(b) Emphasis on slow rate of disarmament as compared to other nations
(c) Expansion of workforce of high quality
(d) Lack of attention and action for protecting environment wealth

Q-24 According to the author , which of the following is a less important factor resulting in environment stress in rural and urban areas ?
(a) Continued environment neglect (b) Rapid economic growth
(c) Rate of growth of population (d) Availability of productive employment

Q-25 What seems to be the approach of the author regarding present status of research ?
(1) He desires that more research establishments should come up
(2) Application of new technologies in factories and field is more vital than setting
of research laboratories
(a) Only (1) (b) Only (2) (c) Neither (1) nor (2) (d) Both (1) and (2)

For more detailed information I am uploading PDF files which are free to download:

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