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December 5th, 2017, 10:13 AM
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Re: Vizag Steel Placement Papers Mechanical Pdf

The sample questions for the Placement test conducted by Vizag Steel Plant for the Mechanical stream are as follows:

1. Thermal efficiency in decreasing order_? (Otto cycle>dual cycle>diesel cycle)

2. When a 1000 K body comes in contact with atmosphere at 300K a loss of 9000 KJ heat is transferred. The net available energy transferred is_43. When entropy of a system increases_? (unavailable energy increases )

3. Rolling is a process widely used for_?
(I section,tubes)

4. Tool nomenclature_?

5. In francis turbine movement of steam?

6. For low power consumption _? (rake angle should be increased / decreased, nose angle increased/ decreased)

7. Continuous chips occur in_? (High speeds,low speeds,both,none)

8. Primary forces in a reciprocating engine_? (fully balanced, partially balanced, completely unbalanced, none)

9. In proximate analysis pyrogallol is used for analysis of which element_? (nitrogen,oxygen)

10. Sulphur content in fuel greatly affects_? (corrosion)

11. Heat transfer through radiation can be increased by_?
(decreasing emissivity and increases temperature of hot body)

12. which theory of failure clearly explains the failure in case of ductile material? (Maximun shear stress theory or Guests or trescas theory)

13. When a material is subjected to continuous cycles which limit is being verified? (Endurance limit)

14. where is stress concentration maximum? (notches, stress reducing throughcuts)

15. Power transmitted through a belt drive_? P(T2-T1)

16. According to Eulers theory crippling or buckling load is (Wcr = Cπ2EI/l2)

17. During sensible heating, specific humidity_? (remains constant)

18. COP of a refrigerator is _? (greater than 1 )

19. The maximum temperature in a refrigeration cycle is_? (less than/greater than/equal to critical temperature)10. The pressure at the throat of the nozzle_? (maximum,min)

20. for a statically determinate set of forces for equilibrium_? (∑ f(X),f(Y),f(Z)=0,∑M=0)

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