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VTU Notes Free Download

Hi I would like to have the notes for the Logic Design with MSI Components and Programmable Logic Devices for VTU?

Logic Design with MSI Components and Programmable Logic Devices Notes for the Visveswaraya Technological University has been provided below.

MSI are medium scale integrated circuits ,those having gates from 10 to 100 gates in a single chip. Some specialized MSI components have extensive use in digital systems. These re Adders, comparators, decoders, encoders, and multiplexers.

The binary full adder is capable of handling nly one bit of an augend and addend along with a carry-in generated as carry-out from the addition of the previous lower order bit position.

Parallel ripple binary adder
The value of the higher order sum bit is not produced until the carry at its previous order bit position is established. Hence the name ripple binary adder

Binary Full Subtractor
On similar lines to that of a binary full adder the truth table for the binary full subtractor is given below. Later the binary full substractor realization is also illustrated.

As was done for adder , by cascading n full subtracters a ripple binary subtracter is realized for subtracting two n bit binary numbers.

Parallel ripple Binary Subtracter
For 2's complement, subtraction is implemented with the same hardware by negating the subtrahend. This is done by inverting each bit and adding one. The one can be added by setting the carry-in to the first stage equal to 1, saving an operation.

Since each carry generate function Gi and carry propogate function Pi is itself only a function of the operand variables, the output carry and the input carry at each stage can be expressed as a function of the operand variablesand the initial carry Co. parallel adders whose realizations are based on the above equations are called carry look ahead adders.

A Decoder is a multiple input ,multiple output logic circuit.

The most commonly used decoder is a n –to 2n decoder which ha n inputs and 2n Output lines

Function specifc decoders also exist which have less than 2n outputs . examples are 8421 code decoder also called BCD to decimal decoder. Decoders that drive seven segment displays also exist.

Programmable Logic Devices
Most of the circuits presented so far are available on a TTL IC chip. Circuits can be constructed using these chips and wiring them together.An alternative to this method would be to program all the components into a single chip, saving wiring, space and power.One type of such device is PLA (Programmable Logic Array) that contains one or more and/or arrays.

Programmable Logic Devices (PLDs)
PLD’s are Standard logic devices that can be programmed to implement any combinational logic circuit. Programmable refers to a hardware process used to specify the logic that a PLD implements.
There are various types of PLD devices based on which array is programmable

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