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Default Aligarh Muslim University Entrance Exam Papers

Will you provide me sample paper of the Engineering Entrance Exam of Aligarh Muslim University ?
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Default Re: Aligarh Muslim University Entrance Exam Papers

As you want I am here providing you sample paper of the Engineering Entrance Exam of Aligarh Muslim University.

Sample paper :

The two headlights of an approaching car are 1.4 m apart. At what maximum distance will the eye resolve them. Assume that the pupil diameter Is 5.0 mm and the wavelength of light is 550 nm.
(a) 5km (b) 10km
(c) 8km (d) 5.3km

Find the wavelength of light that may excite an electron in the valence band of diamond to the conduction band. The energy gap is 5.50 eV.
(a) 226nm (b) 312nm
(c) 432 nm (d) 550 nm

A carrier wave of peak voltage 10 V is used to transmit a message signal. What should be the peak voltage of the modulating signal in order to have a modulation index of 80%?
(a) 8V (b) by
(c) 12V (d) 14V

When a dosed pipe is suddenly opened, the second overtone of closed pipe and first overtone of open pipe differ by 100 Hz. The fundamental frequency of the dosed pipe will be
(a) 200 Hz (b) 150 Hz
(c) 100 Hz (d) 50 Hz

The phenomenon of beats can take place
(a) for longitudinal waves only
(b) for transverse waves only
(c) for sound waves only
(d) for both longitudinal and transverse waves

AMU engg. Entrance exam Paper

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