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April 15th, 2015, 11:00 AM
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Re: BHU MSc Chemistry Entrance Exam EQuestion Paper

Banaras Hindu University conducts the Post gradation entrance exam for admission in M.Sc Chemistry course.

As per your request, Here, I am giving you some questions form the BHU PET M.Sc Chemistry previous question paper.

The change in entropy when two moles of a monatomic perfect gas is compressed
to half its volume and simultaneously heated to twice its initial temperature is
(1) Rln2
(2) 3Rln2
(3) 5Rln2
(4) 7Rln2

For which of the following processes q =0, w =0, AU = 0 and AH = O?
(I) Reversible isothermal process in a perfect gas
(2) Reversible adiabatic process in a perfect gas
(3) Adiabatic expansion of a perfect gas into vacuum
(4) Reversible constant-volume process in a perfect gas

Which of the following is an antibiotic ?
(A) Paracetamol (B) Aspirin
(C) Caffeine (D) Penicillin

Diazonium salt can be prepared by reacting nitrous acid with :
(A) Toluene (B) Phenol
(C) Aniline (D) Pyridine

Friedel-Craft’s alkylation proceeds in the presence of :
(A) Lewis acid (B) Lewis base
(C) Peroxides (D) Sodium hydroxide

Oils and fats are esters formed from glycerol and :
(A) Sulphonic acids (B) Long chain aliphatic acids
(C) Aromatic acids (D) α-Amino acids

Acetaldehyde reacts with CH3MgI to yield :
(A) Isopropyl alcohol (B) Ethanol
(C) Acetone (D) t-Butyl alcohol
CH3 Br O

The compound CH3–CH–CH2–CH–C–CH3 has the IUPAC name as :
(A) 3-Bromo-5-methyl-2-hexanone (B) 3-Bromo-2-heptanone
(C) 4-Bromo-2-methyl-5-hexanone (D) 3-Bromo-4-isopropyl-2-butanone

Which is the correct statement ?
(A) Ethanol should boil at a temperature lower than that for ethane.
(B) Ethanol is less acidic than phenol
(C) Phenol is more acidic than acetic acid
(D) Ethyne is a non-linear molecule.

A carboxylic acid can be converted into the corresponding anhydride using :
(A) SOCl2 (B) SO2
(C) Conc. H2SO4 (D) P2O5

The first step in the chlorination of methane in the presence of U.V. light is :
(A) Heterolytic fission of chlorine molecule (B) C–H bond cleavage
(C) Homolytic fission of chlorine molecule (D) Formation of a carbocation

Which is not a true statement ?
(A) Starch is a polysaccharide
(B) Sucrose is a carbohydrate
(C) Fructose and glucose don’t have the same molecular formula
(D) Glucose is a monosaccharide

The synthetic resin bakelite can be obtained by using the starting material :
(A) Formic acid (B) Acetic acid
(C) Formamide (D) Formaldehyde

Which of the following is not contributing to the environmental pollution ?
(A) Nitrogen (B) Carbon dioxide
(C) Sulphur dioxide (D) Chlorofluorohydrocarbons

For more questions, download the attachment.

BHU PET M.Sc. Chemistry previous year paper

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