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June 27th, 2016, 04:47 PM
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BSC Physics In Jadavpur University

I need the BSC Physics syllabus issued by Jadavpur University for that I need your help to get syllabus?

Not to worry buddy I will get the BSC Physics syllabus issued by Jadavpur University so that you can check.

Here is the syllabus

HO1 (Mechanics I)
Kinematics, Dynamics, Newton’s Laws of motion: Review of elementary problems.

Motion of a particle in one dimension, time dependent force, velocity dependent damping force, conservative force – concept of potential, simple harmonic oscillator. Conservation of linear momentum and energy, Motion of falling bodies in a variable Gravitational field.

Motion of particle in two and three dimensions; Kinematics in a plane and in three dimensions; Harmonic oscillator in two and three dimensions; Motion under central force, Conservation of angular momentum, Kepler problem, Motion of charged particles in electric and magnetic fields.

Motion of a system of particles, center of mass (derivation in some simple cases – linear distribution of mass, laminar bodies, hemisphere etc.), Variable mass problem (rockets and conveyor belts): The two body problem; Collision – elastic and inelastic collisions, center of mass and laboratory coordinates, scattering cross section. Rutherford scattering.

Motion of a rigid body, rotation about an axis, Moment of inertia, Theorem of parallel and perpendicular axes, Calculation of moment of inertia for simple cases (rod, disk, sphere etc.), the simple pendulum, the compound pendulum – bar pendulum, correction for the finite amplitude of swing.

Galilean invariance, moving coordinate system, linearly accelerated frame and concept of pseudo force.

For full information please have a look on file

BSC Physics syllabus issued by Jadavpur University

Jadavpur University
188, Raja S. C. Mallick Road, Kolkata, West Bengal 700032

033 2457 2351

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