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Calcutta University Physics Honours Syllabus

Hi I would like to have the details for the B. Sc. (PHYSICS HONOURS) course syllabus offered by the University of Calcutta?

B. Sc. (Material science Honors) course is separated into three sections, each of one year term. One University level examination will be held toward the end of the every year. Every paper can be subdivided in two half papers from now on called units. Every unit conveys 50 marks. Part I comprises of three hypothetical units (IA, IB and IIA) and one down to earth unit (Paper IIB). Part II comprises of three hypothetical units (IIIA, IIIB and IVA) and one down to earth unit (IVB). Part III comprises of five hypothetical units(VA,VB,VIA, VIB and VIIA) and three down to earth units (VIIB, VIIIA and VIIIB).


Each theoretical unit is isolated into one or more gatherings and every gathering is subdivided into various subjects. A wide rule of the material to be secured in every theme has been given together with the normal number of classroom address periods (each of 45 min. duration) which is given inside brackets toward the end of every theme. This is proposed as a rule to individual instructors for the profundity and augmentation of the material to be secured.

Various instructional exercise periods has been incorporated for every unit. Amid these instructional exercise periods, bunch talks will be directed by the instructor on the point taught before to evacuate any trouble that the understudies may confront. Some portion of such instructional exercise periods will likewise be utilized for tackling issues on the themes of that specific gathering. No extra subject other than those secured in the syllabus ought to be presented in the instructional exercise classes.

Course syllabus:

B.Sc Physics(Honours) Course
Part – I
year Paper I Unit-01 Mathematical Methods I & Mathematical Methods II
Unit-02 Waves and Optics I & Electronics I
Paper IIA Unit-03 Classical Mech.I & Thermal Physics I
Paper IIB Unit-04 Laboratory
Part – II
year Paper III Unit-05 Electronics II & Electricity and Magnetism
Unit-06 Electrostatics & Waves and Optics II
Paper IVA Unit-07 Quantum Mech.I & Thermal Physics II
Paper IVB Unit-08 Laboratory
Part – III
year Paper V Unit-09 Classical Mechanics II & Special Theory of Relativity
Unit-10 Quantum Mech.II & Atomic Physics
Paper VI Unit-11 Nuclear and Particle Physics I & Nuclear and Particle
Physics II
Unit-12 Solid State Physics I & Solid State Physics II
Paper VIIA Unit-13 Statistical Mechanics & Electromagnetic Theory
Paper VIIB Unit-14 Laboratory
Paper VIIIA Unit-15 Laboratory
Paper VIIIB Unit-16 Computer laboratory

Syllabus for Physics (General) subject

Part – I
year Paper IA Classical Mechanics and Gravitation, Heat and Thermodynamics
Paper IB General Properties of Matter, Waves and Vibrations,
Geometrical Optics
Part – II
year Paper IIA Laboratory
Paper IIB Electricity and Magnetism
Paper IIIB Physical Optics, Electronics, Modern Physics
Paper IIIB Laboratoryc
Part – III
Year Paper IVA Application of Thermodynamics, Energy Sources, Electronics,
Paper IVB Laboratory, Computer Laboratory

Syllabus for Physiology (Honors) subject

Honours & General
Paper – I
Unit -01 • Cell Biology I Cell Biology II
• Biophysics
• Enzyme
• Digestive System
Unit- 02 • Biochemistry-I
• Biochemistry-II
• Vitamins and Minerals
• Muscle Physiology
• Nerve Physiology
Paper – II A
Unit – 03 • Blood
• Cardiovascular System I
• Cardiovascular System II
• Body Fluids and Regional Circulation
• Respiratory System
Paper – II B
Unit – 04 • Histology
• Haematological Experiments
• Permanent slide identification
• Biochemistry
• Qualitative Experiments
• Viva – Voce
• Laboratory Note Books
Paper – III
Unit -05 • Nervous System I
• Nervous System II
• Nervous System III
• Nervous System IV
• Molecular neurobiology
Unit – 06 Instrumentation
Renal Physiology
Sensory Receptors, Olfaction & Gustation
Audition Vision
Paper – IV A
Unit – 07 Biological Oxidation and Carbohydrate Metabolism
Amino acids and Purine & Pyrimidine Metabolism
Lipid Metabolism and Reactive Oxygen Species
Molecular Biology
Paper – IVB
Unit – 08 • Histology
• Biochemistry
• Experimental Physiology
• Viva – Voce
• Laboratory Note Books
Paper –V
Unit – 09 • General Endocrinolgy I
• General Endocrinolgy II
• General Endocrinolgy III
• General Endocrinology IV
• Chronobiology
Unit – 10 • Reproductive Physiology I
• Reproductive Physiology II
• Developmental Biology
• Nutrition and Dietetics
• Social Physiology
Paper VI
Unit- 11 • Work Physiology and Ergonomics
• Sports Physiology
• Skin and Body Temperature Regulation
• Human and Environment I
• Human and Environment II
Unit - 12 • Microbiology I
• Microbiology II
• Immunology
• Pharmacology
• Biostatistics
Paper – VII
Unit - 13 • Biochemistry
• Experimental Physiology
• Microbiology & Biochemical Technique
• Viva – Voce
• Laboratory Note Books
Paper VIII
Unit - 14 • Histology
• Experimental Physiology
• Experiments on Work Physiology and Ergonomics
• using human subjects
• Biostatistics
• Social Physiology
• Diet Survey
• Field Study Record
• Viva – Voce
• Laboratory Note Books

Syllabus for Physiology (General) subject

Paper I
Unit - 01 • Units of human system
• Biophysical and Biochemical Principles
• Digestive System
• Biochemistry and Metabolism
• utrition and Dietetics
Unit – 02 • Blood and Body Fluids
• Heart
• Circulation
• Respiratory system
• Renal Physiology
Paper – II
Unit - 03 Muscle Physiology
Nerve Physiolog
Nervous system I
Nervous system I
Sensory Physiology
Unit – 04 Skin and Regulation of Body Temperature
Endocrine system I
Endocrine system II
Reproductive Physiology I
Reproductive Physiology II
Paper – III
Unit 05 • Histolog
• Biochemistry
• Experimental Physiology (Including Human Experiments)
• Viva voce
• Laboratory note books
Paper – IV A
Unit – 06 • Haematology
• Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
• Microbiology and Immunology
• Social Physiology
• Work Physiology
• Environmental Physiology
• Biostatistics
Paper – IVB
Unit – 07 • Haematology
• Biochemistry
• Human Experiments
• Field Study Report
• Viva voce
• Laboratory Note-Books

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