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June 9th, 2015, 11:54 AM
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Syllabus of History Honours in Calcutta University

I have passed in First Year of BA History Honours Program of Calcutta University. Now I will join classes at this University after summer vacation. I need the detailed syllabus of Second Year Program, so please give me pdf file that contains detailed syllabus with important reference books. Can I get those books of BA History Honours Program (2nd Year) from Library of Calcutta University?

The syllabus for the B.A. Honours Course of Studies in History offered at University of Calcutta is as given below:

B.A. Honours Course of Studies in History

Division of papers for the Undergraduate Honours course in History
Part I
1. History of India from the earliest Times to 600 CE [Existing Paper I]
2. History of India from C 600 to C1500 [Existing Paper II]
Part II
3. Transformation of Europe (15th – 17th Centuries) [Existing Paper III]
4. History of India from C1500 to C1800 [Existing Paper V]
Part III
5. ( Group A)History of East Asia from 1839 to 1950
(Group B)Aspects of Antiquity [Existing Paper IV]
6. History of India from C1800 to 1964 [Existing Paper II]
7. History of Europe from 1789 to 1919 [Existing Paper VII]
8. World Politics in the 20th Century from 1919 to C2000 [Existing Paper VIII]


History of India from the earliest Times to 600 CE
UNIT-I (50 marks; 40 lectures)

Sources of Early Indian History
1.1 Classification and importance of both Literary and Archaeological sources
1.2 Understanding the nature of the sources for each period
1.3 History and Itihasa

Changing Relationship between people and landscape, from hunter-gatherers to post
Harappan cultures in the Indian subcontinent
2.1 The importance of understanding archaeological cultures viz a` viz landscape featuresHunter
Gatherers to Early Pastoralists and Agriculturists
2.2 An over view of archaeological cultures in the subcontinent- pre-Mehrgarh , Mehrgarh and
contemporary to Mehrgarh
2.3 Early/Pre Harappan Cultures‐Prelude to Harappan Civilization ‐Harappan Civilization‐ the First
2.4 Pastoralist/Early agriculturist Cultures contemporary to the Harappan-various Neolithic and
Chalcolithic cultures of the Indian subcontinent
2.5 Decline of the Harappan civilization-Late/Post Harappan Cultures- a) Cemetery H phase, b)
Gandhara Grave phase, c) Lustrous Red Ware.

Module –III
The Vedic Corpus and transition to the age of Janapadas and Mahajanapadas
(c.1500BCE-400 BCE)
3.1 Spread of settlements -Political situation
3.2 Aryan Debate
3.3 Archaeological cultures beyond the Vedic milieu—Ochre coloured pottery, Black &Red
Ware and Painted Grey Ware
3.4Transition from chiefdom to kingdom- the Ganasangha tradition- sixteen mahajanapadasPre-eminence
of Magadha

Mauryan & Post –Mauryan India (c. 400BCE-300CE)
4.1 Nature and extent of the Mauryan empire
4.2 Asoka’s Dhamma
4.3 Decline of the Empire - rise of regional power centres in the post Mauryan period.
4.4 Central Asian intervention in north Indian politics focusing on the Indo-Greeks and the
4.5 The Satavahanas and their struggle with the Saka Kshatrapas of western India
4.6 Kings and chieftains –the Cheras, Cholas and Pandyas- Sangam literature and archaeological

Module- V
The Age of the Guptas (c.300CE – 600CE)
5.1 Historical situation of India in 300CE—Emergence of the Gupta empire
5.2 The Empire in its mature form‐ Political achievements of the rulers‐disintegration of the
5.3 Administrative structure of the empire with special reference to Bengal
5.4 Notion of Classical age and Threshold times
5.5 An introduction to the contemporary dynasties like the Vakatakas, the Kadambas etc.,

UNIT-II (50 marks; 40 lectures)

Aspects of Society

1.1 Beginning of the Varna hierarchy in the Vedic period‐ forms of marriage‐
position of women
1.2 Varna and Jati‐ property rights of women
1.3 Slavery, Untouchability and attitude towards women

Religious Development
2.1 Vedic religion—Changing notion of gods and goddesses-Sacrificial
2.2 Rise of new religious groups & philosophical thoughts—Buddhism,
Jainism and philosophy of the Ajivikas and Charvakas
2.3 Doctrinal and philosophical Changes in Buddhism and Jainism – Rising
Importance of the Brahmanical religion‐Different Brahmanical religious groups.

Module III
Comparative Structures of Economies in some early states-Maurya- Satavahana-KushanaGupta

3.1 Introduction
3.2 Agrarian economy
3.3 Non‐agricultural production‐crafts‐guilds
3.4 Monetization
3.5 Land grants and its politico‐economic significance (Gupta period)

Patterns of Trade, Urbanization & Routes of communication
4.1 Trade and Urban development-Second urbanization
4.2 Trading networks‐both inland and maritime (with special reference to
linkage with Roman Empire as well as Southeast Asian countries)
4.3 Merchants and Markets

Cultural life
5.1 Languages and Scripts –An overview
5.2 Nature of Mauryan art‐Presence of different schools of sculpture and
terracotta art in the post‐Mauryan period
5.3 Different kinds of Religious Architecture, Sculptural art and Painting‐an
5.4 Systems of knowledge‐ Science, Technology &Medicine

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Re: Syllabus of History Honours in Calcutta University

Hi I am interested in having the syllabus for the B.A. Honours Course of Studies in History offered at University of Calcutta?

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