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July 9th, 2014, 04:48 PM
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Re: CBSE Class 12th board Chemistry Exam previous papers

Here I am giving you question paper for chemistry subject of CBSE Board class 12th examination in PDF file attached with it

(1) Why is ferric chloride preferred over potassium chloride in case of a cut leading to bleeding? 1
(2) Why does a tetrahedral complex of the type [MA2 B2] not show geometrical isomerism? 1
(3) How do you account for the miscibility of ethoxyethane with water. 1
(4) Give the IUPAC name of the organic compound 1
CH C CH C ) CH ( 3 2 3
− − =
(5) Name the monomers of nylon 2 or nylon 6 ploymer. 1
(6) Give one example of an artificial sweetener used by the diabetic patients. 1
(7) Direct nitration of aniline is not carried out. Explain why? 1
(8) What type of linkage holds together the monomers of D.N.A.? 1

10. Analysis shows that a metal oxide has the empirical formula M0.96 O1.00. Calculate the percentage of M2+ and M3+
ions in this crystal? 2
In an ionic compound the anion (N¯) form cubic close type of packing. While the cation (M+) ions occupy one
third of the tetrahedral voids. Deduce the empirical formula of the compound and the coordination number
of (M+) ions.

CBSE class 12th chemistry paper

August 26th, 2019, 05:38 PM
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Re: CBSE Class 12th board Chemistry Exam previous papers

Thanks for this information. Kindly share the last year question papers

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