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July 9th, 2014, 04:56 PM
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Re: Papers for CBSE Class 12th Board history Exam

Here I am giving you question paper for CBSE board of education class 12th History Subject examination in a PDF file attached with it .so you can get it easily

Answer the following questions.
1. Name the two sacrifices performed by the Kings during the Vedic times. 2
2. State any two reasons for the decline of the Vijayanagara Empire. 2
3. Mention two main functions of the Village Panchayats in the 16th and
17th centuries in India. 2
4. Why did the Zamindars default on the payment of revenues under the
British government? Give two reasons. 2
5. Explain any two problems that historians may face while studying
autobiograhies. 2

Answer any three of the following questions :
6. State the factors that helped Magadha emerge as the most powerful
Mahajanpada in the 6th century BCE. 5
7. “The Begums of Bhopal played a significant role in preserving the remains
of Stupa at Sanchi.” Support this statement with suitable evidence. 5
8. Describe the trade relations of the Harappans with West Asia. 5
9. ‘The rules of the Brahmanical text were not universally followed in
ancient time’. Justify giving five evidence. 5

Answer any two of the following questions :
10. ‘Bernier’s accounts influenced western theorists from the 18th century’.
Give arguments to support the statement. 5
11. What are the distinctive features of the Mughal mobility? Give any five. 5
12. Why do you think that the traditions of Baba Guru Nanak remain
significant even in the 21st century? 5
Answer any three of the following questions :
13. ‘The British Government consciously developed the city of Madras to
reflect their racial superiority’. Justify the statement giving suitable
arguments. 5
14. Describe the events that led to the Non-Cooperation Movement. 5
15. Describe any two architectural styles used by the British in the
construction of public buildings in Bombay. Give one example from
each. 5
16. Assess the impact of partition of India on Indian women. 5
17. Explain giving examples how the accounts of foreign travellers help
in reconstructing the history of India from the 10th to 17th century. 8
Explain giving examples the connection between the State and the
Bhakti tradition and the State and the Sufi tradition. 4+4 = 8
18. Explain the development since March, 1946 that led to the Partition
of India.

CBSE Class 12th Board history Exam papers

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