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August 4th, 2016, 08:33 AM
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Re: GD Topics Asked In Indian Navy

The Concept of Group Discussion has not been a part of the regular academic curriculum in Colleges and Universities.

The skills that are usually assessed in a Group Discussion are:

Communication Skills
Interpersonal Skills
Leadership Skills
Motivational Skills
Team Building Skills
Clarity over Ambiguity
Divergent Thinking
Listening skills
Presentation Skills
Analytical / Logical skills

List of SSB Group Discussion Topics 2016

In past few decades it is seen that people from Indian villages are migrating to cities very fast. According to you what is the reason behind this exodus?
The corruption in public life is increased in India in past few years; this problem is growing day by day. According to you what is driving factor for the corruption in our day today life need or greed?
India has several states and some of them have progressed very fast, but at the same time some states have shown slow pace in development. According to you what is the basic reason for this disparity?
Sudden increase in divorce cases. What is the basic reason behind this?
Causes of this growth in unemployment?
Which political party will be successful in upcoming lok sabha polls congress, BJP or any other?
Public violence in our societies caused by various issues. Who is responsible for this outrage?
Crime against women in at height in present days. What should be done to empower Indian women?
Migration of Bangladeshi people to India has been a big problem for the border areas and people living there. This also generates anger in people of India. What is solution to this problem?
Justice delay is justice denied agree or not?
Permanent seat for India in UN security council yes or no?
How defense expenditure can be reduced?
Biggest problem country is facing?
Who is responsible for crime against women?
Who is responsible for poor performance of India in sports?
Should India remain a NAM country?
Why unemployment is on rise?
Why price of basic commodities are on rice?
How politics can be made clean?
How water shortage can be sorted out?
How Indian women can be empowered?
How India can be a super power?
Do we need smaller states?
How indo pak relations can be improved?
Is china a threat to India?
Benefits of SEZs?
FDI is a profit or a loss?
AFSPA:-why it is required?
Why naxalism is on rise?
Is women empowerment an urban phenomenon?
Should reservation system be removed?
Should the age for juvenile be reduced?
How relations with foreign countries can be improved?
Why value of rupee is falling?
How brain drain can be stopped?

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