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February 2nd, 2017, 11:54 AM
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Re: Genetic Engineering In Pune University

As you Asking for the Syllabus of the Genetic Engineering of the B.tech Bio Technology Course of the Pune University the Syllabus is As Follow

Techniques and tools in genetic engineering, Southern Blotting, PCR-design and
optimization, RTPCR, Automated DNA sequencing method, sequencing strategies and analysis and applications, micro arrays, flow cytometry, Enzymes used in GE: DNA modifying enzymes, restriction enzymes, modifying enzymes, DNA ligase, polymerase for GE

Cloning vectors, Plasmids, Multiple cloning sites, selection markers, lambda phage, phgemids, cosmids, M13 vectors, vectors for cloning in eukaryotic cells, Expression Vectors, artificial chromosomes (BACs, YACs)

Gene libraries, Cloning strategies: DNA cloning, cDNA synthesis, genomic DNA libraries, cDNA library, amplification of gene libraries, identifying the products of cDNA clones, isolation, selection of recombinants

Screening libraries, Screening of recombinant clones, sequencing, and synthesis of gene, different methods of gene isolation, techniques of DNA sequencing, artificial DNA synthesis, PCR cloning

Gene transfer technologies, Transformation, Transfection, Translocation, Conjugation. Modification of bacteria and viruses: live vaccines, transgenesis and cloning, Animal transgenesis, Application of transgenic animals, transgenic plants and their applications

Applications of rDNA technology in health and agriculture: Humulin, Hep B, factorVIII, DNA diagnostics, BT cotton, Golden rice etc, DNA markers for improvement of quality and yield of crops. RFLP, RAPD, AFLP, Gene therapy,Human genome project.

For more details you may Contact to the Pune University the Contact details Are given below

Contact details
Pune University
Address: Ganeshkhind, Pune, Maharashtra 411007
Phone: 020 2569 6064

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