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IGNOU MBA OPENMAT Exam Solved Question Paper

Can you please share the previous year solved question paper of IGNOU MBA OPENMAT Exam???

As per your request here I am sharing the previous year solved question paper of IGNOU MBA OPENMAT Exam

1. What does the abbreviation "ASSOCHAM" stand for ?
(1)Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry
(2)Associated Chambers of Chemicals and Metals
(3)Association of Chemists and Metallurgists
(4)Association of Chemists, Horticulturist, Anthologists and Metallurgists
Answer: (1)Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry

2.Who is the author of the book "Romancing with Life" ?
(1) Bill Clinton (2) Kapil Dev (3) Devanand (4) Shashi Tharoor
Answer: (3) Devanand

3.What does the letters XP stand for in the product Microsoft XP ?
(1) Extended product (2) Extra Pampering
(3) Experience (4) Entry level product
Answer: (3) Experience

4. Pablo Picasso, the famous painter was :
(1) French (2) Italian (3) Flemish (4) Spanish
Answer: (4) Spanish

5.Which Mughal Emperor prohibited the use of tobacco ?
(1) Baber (2) Jahangir(3) Aura ngzeb (4) Muhammed Shah
Answer: (2) Jahangir

6.Which of the following does not have an Oil Refinery ?
(1) Tarapore (2) Digboi (3) Barauni (4) Mangalore

7.The Nobel Prize for literature in the year 2009 was won by :
(1) Ada Yonath (2) Herta Mueller (3) Carol Greider (4) Jean-Marie Gustave le Clezio
Answer: (2) Herta Mueller

8.The year in which the first man landed on the Moon was :
(1) 1962 (2) 1965 (3) 1969 (4) 1970
Answer: (3) 1969

9.The country rated highest on the Human Development Index as per the UNDP, HDI-2009
report is :
(1) Sweden (2) Norway (3) Australia (4) U.S.A.
Answer: (2) Norway

10.The first Indian sports woman to win a medal in World Athletics is :
(1) P.T. Usha (2) Shiny Wilson (3) Anjali Bhagwat (4) Anju B. George
Answer: (4) Anju B. George

11.Durand Line is the line dividing :
(1) Poland and Germany (2) Pakistan and Afghanistan
(3) India and Tibet (4) France and Germany
Answer: (2) Pakistan and Afghanistan

12.A south Rajasthani tribe earning its living by song and dance :
(1) Moors (2) Khasis (3) Garasia (4) Mayas
Answer: (3) Garasia

13.During Cardiac failure, which of the following is advised as a first aid ?
(1) Mouth to mouth resuscitation (2) Giving external cardiac massage
(3) Giving cool water to drink (4) Giving complete body massage
Answer: (1) Mouth to mouth resuscitation

14The video games Xbox is a product of :
(1) Sega (2) Sony (3) Intel (4) Microsoft
Answer: Microsoft

15.The main chemical substance present in the bones and teeth of animals is :
(1) Sodium chloride (2) Sugar (3) Calcium phosphate (4) Calcium sulphate
Answer: (3) Calcium phosphate

16.Why is it easier to swim in sea than in a river ?
Density of sea water is lower than the density of the river water
Density of sea water is higher than the density of the river water
Waves in the sea help us to float
River is less deeper than sea
Answer: Density of sea water is higher than the density of the river water

17.Hydrogen was discovered by :
(1) Priestley (2) Boyle (3) Charles (4) Cavendish
Answer: (4) Cavendish

18.Eudiometer is used for measuring :
Volume changes in chemical reactions between gases
Electric current of small magnitude
Distance covered by wheeled vehicles
Measuring optical activity

19. The biggest Delta in the world is the :
(1) Sicily Delta (2) Ganges Delta (3) Caspian Delta (4) Nippon Delta
Answer2) Ganges Delta

20.Which part of the body is affected by "Meningitis" ?
(1) Lungs (2) Intestines
(3) Lining of the chest wall (4) Spinal cord and Brain
Answer: (4) Spinal cord and Brain

21.Which is the world's tallest structure ?
(1) KVLY-TV mast (2) Burj Khalifa (3) Taipei Towers (4) CN Tower
Answer: Burj Khalifa

22.Which company's famously advertised vision statement is 'The Network is the Computer' ?
(1) Cisco Systems (2) Lucent Technologies
(3) Sun Microsystems (4) Nortel Networks
Answer: (3) Sun Microsystems

23.The Essar group of companies has been promoted by :
(1) Ruias (2) Ambanis (3) Goenkas (4) Kanorias
Answer(1) Ruias

24.The acronym USB stands for :
(1) Universal System Board (2) Universal Synchronized Bus
(3) Universal Serial Bus (4) Universal System Bus
Answer: (3) Universal Serial Bus

25.'Make Believe' is the tag line of which company ?
(1) Philips (2) Motorola (3) Sony Ericsson (4) Nokia
Answer: (3) Sony Ericsson

26.Which is the third highest peak in India ?
(1) Kanchenjunga (2) Nanga Parbat
(3) Gasher Brum (4) Dunagiri
Ans: (1) Kanchenjunga

27.The country that accounts for nearly one-third of the total teak production of the world is :
(1) Bangladesh (2) Zambia (3) Myanmar (4) India
Answer: 3) Myanmar

28.The city that is the biggest centre for manufacture of automobiles in the world ?
(1) Gurgaon (2) Tokyo (3) Detroit (4) Berlin
Answer: 3) Detroit

29.World Literacy day is celebrated on :
(1) 8ot hAugust (2) 8th September (3) 8th October (4) 8th July
Answer: 2) 8th September

30. The place that is known as the roof of the world is :
(1) Cuba (2) Japan (3) Tibet (4) Romania
Answer: 3) Tibet

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