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Re: Indian Maritime University Common Entrance Test previous year or sample question papers

As you want to get the Indian Maritime University Common Entrance Test previous year or sample question papers so here it is for you:

IMU CET Exam Sample Paper –

1 Which of the following classical dance originated in Tamil Nadu ?
A. Kathakali
B. Kathak
C. Bharatanatyam
D. Odissi

2 When was the Planning Commission set up to prepare a blue print of
development for the country?
A. 1948
B. 1949
C. 1950
D. 1951

3 The term ‘Butterfly Stroke’ is referred to which game ?
A. Teenis
B. Table Tennis
C. Swimming
D. Football

General Aptitude

1 His ideas were ahead of his _______________. No one took them
A. period
B. time
C. age
D. era

2 Singapore is _________________ society. Its people are well-to-do
A. a developed
B. an affluent
C. a luxurious
D. a mature

3 She has neglected her studies and her parents hope that her poor Test
results will make her come to her __________.
A. senses,
B. mind,
C. sanity,
D. reason


1 The owner of the electronic shop charges his customer 22 % higher than
the cost price. If a customer paid Rs.10980 for a DVD player, then what
was the cost price of the DVD player?
A. 8000
B. 8800
C. 9500
D. None of the above

2 12.22 +22.21 + 221.12 = ?
A. 250.55
B. 255.50
C. 250.05
D. None of the above

3 What would be the simple interest obtained on an amount of Rs. 5760 at
the rate of 6 5 p.a after 3 years ?
A. 1036.80
B. 1666.80
C. 1336.80
D. 1063.80


1 Inflation:
A. Reduces the cost of living
B. Reduces the standard of living
C. Reduces the price of products
D. Reduces the purchasing power of a pound

2 Economic growth can be shown by:
A. An inward shift of the production possibility frontier
B. A movement down the production possibility frontier
C. An outward shift of the production possibility frontier
D. A movement up the production possibility frontier

3 The resources in the economy do not include:
A. Demand
B. Land
C. Labour
D. Capital


1. The accounting equation is satisfied by:
a. Capital = Assets + Liabilities
b. Liabilities = Assets + Capital
c. Liabilities = Capital - Assets.
d. Capital = Net Assets.

2 Market value of investments is shown as a footnote according to :
a. Consistency concept
b. Disclosure concept
c. Conservatism concept
d. Going concern concept.

3 Depreciation Account is:
a. Simply deducted from the asset in the Balance sheet
b. Transferred to Depreciation account
c. Transferred to Profit and Loss account
d. The salvage value of a fixed asset

Maritime Affairs

1 Which country produces maximum sugar in the world
A. U.S.A
B. India
C. Cuba
D. Brazil

2 Which one of the following is the Port City of India ?
A. Bhopal
B. Delhi
C. Hyderabad
D. Kolkata

3 A cyclone is a system of wind in which the wind blows spirally?
A. towards the centre of low pressure
B. towards the centre region of high pressure
C. towards the region of low pressure
D. outwards from a centre region of high pressure

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Indian Maritime University
Tamil Nadu 600119 ‎
044 2453 0343 ‎

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