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April 18th, 2015, 02:36 PM
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Re: MCA Model Question Paper Bharathiar University

As per your request here I am providing you some sets of MCA sample question of Bharathiar University.

Sample question paper of C language:

Answer any five questions. Each question carries 20 marks.

1. What is a function? And why use functions in c programming?

2. Explain different types of preprocessors in c .

3. Write a menu driven program to print months using pointers.

4. What are are strings?Explain about standard library strings functions.

5. How structure elements are stored in c programming.

6. Explain about the merits and demerits of circular link list.

7.Discuss about formatted disk IO functions in C.

8. Write a c program to implement a stack in c .

Sample questions of ASP. Net paper of MCA:

1. What programming languages are supported in ASP.NET?
2. What is CLR?
3. What does polymorphism mean?
4. Mention the object collection to get a cookie from the user.
5. What is a web form?
6. In which file the user written asp.net code is placed?
7. What is the only property available in FileSystemObject object?
8. Write any two TextStream Object methods.
9. What is XML?
10. What is the function of Record Object?

SECTION B (5*5 = 25)

Answer ALL

11. a. Write short note on IIS. (OR)
b. What is hard-coded values? Explain.
12. a. Explain the Operators available in VB.NET (OR)
b. How to write Data to the browser? Explain with Example.
13. a. What is Solution Explorer? Explain. (OR)
b. What are the application object methods? Explain
14. a. Write down the objects that are available via the scripting runtime library. (OR)
b. Create a web form with an AdRotator server control.
15. a. Explain the functions of WSDL and SOAP in web service. (OR)
b. List down the OLE DB providers with their usage.

SECTION C (5*8 =40)

Answer ALL

16. a. Write an overview about ASP and ASP.NET. (OR)
b. How to design the applications? Explain with example.
17. a. Discuss the operations and collections of Request Object with suitable example. (OR)
b. Elaborately explain the operations of server object.
18. a. Write down the steps to build a Web Form Application. (OR)
b. What is ASP sessions? Explain the various properties, methods and collections of session object.
19. a. How do you work with the options of Folder Object? Explain in detail. (OR)
b. How do you use File System Objects? Explain with example.
20. a. Write down the steps to create and access a web service in ASP.NET? (OR)
b.. How do you build database tables in SQL server?

here i am giving link of MCA sample paper of Computer oriented statistical paper


MCA sample paper of Analysis & design


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