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Model paper for RRB Loco Pilot

I want Model test paper for RRB Loco Pilot. Please give to me as soon as possible.

Those candidates who have completed ITI or Diploma or B-TECH degree with some special department are eligible for Loco Pilot exam. Some selective departments are applicable for this exam.

In The RRB Assistant loco pilot Examination, Questions will be asked from Technical, Non Technical, General English, General Awareness, Arithmetic's, Reasoning etc.
There are no vacancies at present for the Loco pilots in Railways. As per your request I am attaching a pdf for the RRB Loco Pilot exams which were held in last years.


General English
(Exam Held on 4-3-2012)

Directions—(Q. 1 to 10) In the following passage there are blanks,
each of which has been numbered. These numbers are printed below the
passage, against each, five words are suggested, one of which fits the
blank appropriately. Find out the appropriate word in each case.

Once upon a time there was a river. He was …(1)… unfriendly. The river
lived alone, and refused to share his water with any fish, plant or
animal. Thus his life went on, sadly and filled with loneliness, for
many centuries.

One day, a little girl with a fish bowl came to the bank of this
river. In the bowl lived Scamp, her favourite little fish. The girl
was about to …(2)… to another country, and she wouldn't be able to
take Scamp with her. So she had decided to give Scamp his freedom.

When Scamp …(3)… into the river, he immediately felt the river's
loneliness. He tried talking to the river, but the river asked him to
go away. Scamp was a very happy little fish, and he wasn't going to
give up so …(4)…. He spoke to the river again, swam here and there,
and finally he started jumping in and …(5)… of the water. The river
felt tickled by all the jumping and splashing and …(6)… laughing.
After a while, this put the river in such a good mood that he started
talking to Scamp. Almost without knowing it, by the end of that day,
Scamp and the river and become very good friends.

The river spent that night …(7)… about how much fun it was to have
friends, and how much he had missed not having them. He asked himself
why he had never had them, but he couldn't remember. The next morning,
Scamp …(8)… the river with a few playful splashes and that was when
the river remembered why he had decided to be such an unfriendly
river. He remembered that he didn't like being tickled. He remembered
perfectly how he had told everyone to scoot and that he wasn't going
to …(9)… up with all that tickling.

But, remembering how sad and lonely he had felt for so many years, the
river realised that although it may sometimes be a bit inconvenient or
uncomfortable, it was always …(10)… to have friends, than being

1. (A) so (B) total (C) very (D) extreme (E) full
Ans : (C)

2. (A) move (B) goes (C) visit (D) transferred (E) toured
Ans : (A)

3. (A) jump (B) fell (C) look (D) dives (E) slip
Ans : (B)

4. (A) long (B) sooner (C) nicely (D) easily (E) lazily
Ans : (D)

5. (A) in (B) beside (C) out (D) below (E) away Ans : (C)

6. (A) stopped (B) started (C) felt (D) thought (E) heard
Ans : (B)

7. (A) forgetting (B) discuss (C) ignoring (D) thinking (E) gazing
Ans : (D)

8. (A) slept (B) woke (C) talked (D) irritate (E) splash
Ans : (C)

9. (A) live (B) stand (C) sit (D) light (E) put
Ans : (A)

10. (A) better (B) worse (C) sad (D) easy (E) happy
Ans : (A)

Directions—(Q. 11 to 15) Each sentence below has a blank, each blank
indicating that something has been omitted. Choose the word that best
fits the meaning of the sentence as a whole.

11. Meeta ……… many gifts on her birthday.
(A) get (B) pick (C) received (D) seen (E) have
Ans : (C)

12. Please ……… the website for all the updates.
(A) browsed (B) check (C) surfing (D) think (E) hacked
Ans : (B)

13. The garden was …… of flowers of different kinds.
(A) full (B) grow (C) crowd (D) held (E) smell
Ans : (A)

14. They have ………… us to find another alternative.
(A) tell (B) spoken (C) ask (D) advised (E) help
Ans : (D)

15. Pratik was …… for a bus.
(A) thinking (B) waiting (C) telling (D) reaching (E) jumping
Ans : (B)

Directions—(Q. 16 to 25) Read each sentence to find out whether there
is any grammatical error or idiomatic error in it. The error, if any,
will be in one part of the sentence. The number of that part is the
answer. If there is No Error the answer is 'E'. (Ignore errors of
punctuation if any).

16. Meghalaya is (A) / also one of (B) / the north-eastern states (C)
/ of our country. (D) No error (E)
Ans : (E)

17. Santosh has volunteered (A) / to help in organising (B) / the
Republic Day function (C) / about his locality. (D) No error (E)
Ans : (D)

18. The actor's friends (A) / and family had (B) / decided to throw a (C) / surprise party for him. (D) No error (E)
Ans : (E)

19. Health experts since all (A) / over the country were (B) / invited
to attend the (C) / conference in the city. (D) No error (E)
Ans : (A)

20. They had (A) / to mortgage their (B) / house in order to (C) /
bear these expenses. (D) No error (E)
Ans : (E)

21. They had informed (A) / us that their (B) / Chennai trip was (C) /
cancel due to the strike. (D) No error (E)
Ans : (D)

22. All the students (A) / had to attend for the (B) / industrial
visit as (C) / it was compulsory. (D) No error (E)
Ans : (B)

23. The king was (A) / amused by the (B) / jester's response (C) / to
his question. (D) No error (E)
Ans : (D)

24. The boy was (A) / accused of stealing (B) / money as well goods
(C) / from the shop. (D) No error (E)
Ans : (C)

25. She was be asked to (A) / write a report about (B) / the meeting
that (C) / she attended yesterday. (D) No error (E)
Ans : (A)

Directions—(Q. 26 to 30) In each question below, four words printed in
bold type are given. These are lettered (A), (B), (C) and (D). One of
these words printed in bold may either be wrongly spelt or
inappropriate in the context of the sentence. Find out the word that
is inappropriate or wrongly spelt, if any. The number of that word is
your answer. If all the words printed in bold are correctly spelt and
appropriate in the context of the sentence then mark (E) i.e., 'All
correct as your answer.'

26. She has presented (A) her views (B) in a very unique (C) fashion.
(D) All correct (E)
Ans : (E)

27. She misplaced (A) the book before (B) she could (C) reed (D) it.
All correct (E)
Ans : (D)

28. There were more (A) than five thousend (B) people (C) in the
auditorium. (D) All correct (E)
Ans : (B)

29. He has won many awards (A) for his research (B) in the field (C)
of ecnomics. (D) All correct (E)
Ans : (D)
30. Dadar is none (A) of the most (B) populated areas (C) in Mumbai
city. (D) All correct (E)
Ans : (A)

Directions—(Q. 31 to 35) Rearrange the following six sentences (1),
(2), (3), (4), (5) and (6) in proper sequence to form a meaningful
paragraph then answer the questions given below them.
(1) "Why waste time sharpening your weapons when there's no danger in
sight ?" said the fox, "You're being foolish".
(2) A wild boar was sharpening his tusks against a tree.
(3) "My tusks are my weapons," said the boar, "I am sharpening them so
that I can defend myself from any danger."
(4) Frightened by the boar's sharpened tusks, he turned towards the
fox instead and preyed on him.
(5) A fox passing by, asked him what he was doing.
(6) Just then a tiger appeared on the scene.

31. Which of the following should be the first sentence in the rearrangement ?
(A) 6 (B) 1 (C) 3 (D) 4 (E) 2
Ans : (E)

32. Which of the following should be the second sentence in the rearrangement ?
(A) 5 (B) 2 (C) 6 (D) 4 (E) 1
Ans : (A)

33. Which of the following should be the fourth sentence in the rearrangement ?
(A) 6 (B) 5 (C) 2 (D) 3 (E) 1
Ans : (E)

34. Which of the following should be the fifth sentence in the rearrangement ?
(A) 3 (B) 6 (C) 4 (D) 1 (E) 5
Ans : (B)

35. Which of the following should be the last (sixth) sentence in the
rearrangement ?
(A) 2 (B) 3 (C) 4 (D) 1 (E) 6
Ans : (C)

Directions—(Q. 36 to 50) Read the following passage carefully and
answer the questions given below it. Certain words / phrases have been
printed in bold to help you locate them while answering some of the

A man called Ramaya lived in a small village. Despite being a nice
man, he did not have any friends. It was well known in the town that
anyone unfortunate enough to look at him first thing in the morning
would not be able to have food that day. That was why no one in the
town liked encountering Ramaya in the morning, if they could help it.
As soon as the king heard this rumour he decided to try it out

He summoned Ramaya to the palace and ordered him to sleep in a room
adjacent to his bedchamber. Ramaya had no choice but to follow the
king's order. He feared that the rumour would come true. The next
morning, the first thing the king did after waking up, was to take a
look at Ramaya. When the king reached the breakfast table, he saw that the royal chef had forgotten to prepare his favourite dish. This
angered him and he refused to have breakfast. After finishing a few
important duties in the court, the king went to the dining hall for
lunch. The food arrived piping hot. The king had hardly picked up the
first morsel when he caught sight of a fly in the food. He left the
table in disgust and when the food was prepared again for him, he
found that he had lost his appetite. At the dinner table, an ignorant
minister started eating before the king had started. This offended the
king. He stormed out of the dining hall and refused to come back. As a
result, the king could not eat anything at all that day. The enraged
king was now convinced that Ramaya was really jinxed. He ordered that
Ramaya be hanged. In those days the king's word was the law. The
soldiers had no option but to take Ramaya to the gallows. While on
their way to the gallows, they met the court jester. He heard the
story from Ramaya. The jester felt that it was an unfair decision and
that none of this was Ramaya's fault. He came up with a plan to save
Ramaya from being hanged. He whispered something in Ramaya's ears.
Ramaya nodded before being whisked away.

It was mandatory to grant one last wish to the person who was being
hanged. When the soldiers asked Ramaya about his last wish, he asked
them to convey a message to the king. He also requested that he be
hanged only after hearing the king's response. "Tell the king that
while it may be true that anyone who sees my face first thing in the
morning does not get anything to eat that day, it's also true that if
anyone sees the king's face first thing in the morning, as I did, he
has to lose his life. So who's the greater jinx - the king or I ?"
said Ramaya.

On hearing the message, the king was stunned. He realised his
foolishness and ordered his soldiers to stop the execution. He
summoned Ramaya and offered him gifts. He also requested Ramaya not to
say anything about the incident to the public. He was sure that the
people of the village wouldn't take well to the idea of having a
jinxed person for a ruler. Ramaya agreed. When the villagers saw
Ramaya returning with the gifts, they assumed that the rumour was
false and that the king had given the gifts to Ramaya as compensation.
They were ashamed of their behaviour and swore that they would never
ignore Ramaya.

36. Why had the king summoned Ramaya ?
(A) He wanted to have Ramaya executed
(B) He wanted all the villagers to realize their mistake and be
friends with Ramaya
(C) He wanted to test the court jester's intelligence
(D) He wanted to see Ramaya's face, the first thing every morning
(E) He wanted to verify whether the rumour about Ramaya was true or false
Ans : (E)

37. According to the rumour, what would happen if someone saw Ramaya's
face, first thing in the morning ?
(A) That person would not get a chance to eat, the whole day
(B) That person would be executed by the king
(C) That person would eat the whole day
(D) That person would receive gifts from the king
(E) That person would become an outcast in the village Ans : (A)

38. Why did the king refuse to eat breakfast ?
(A) The king had seen Ramaya's face, first thing in the morning
(B) The royal chef had forgotten to cook the king's favourite dish
(C) The royal chef had forgotten to prepare Ramaya's favourite dish
(D) One of the ministers had insulted the king at the breakfast table
(E) The king was on a diet
Ans : (D)

39. What did the king do when he caught sight of a fly in the food
during lunch ?
(A) He ignored it and finished the lunch
(B) He fired the chef and asked him to throw the food
(C) He simply left the dining hall in disgust
(D) He ordered his soldiers to kill Ramaya
(E) He asked his ministers to cook another meal
Ans : (C)

40. When was the king convinced that Ramaya was jinxed ?
(A) When he realised that he had not eaten the whole day after he had
seen Ramaya's face the first thing in the morning
(B) When he realised that each time he saw Ramaya, he fell sick
(C) When he heard the rumour that anyone who saw Ramaya's face first
thing in the morning would not get a chance to eat the whole day
(D) When he saw that the chef had not prepared his favourite dish on
the day he had seen Ramaya's face the first thing in the morning
(E) When the soldiers went to him with Ramaya's final wish
Ans : (A)

41. Which of the following is true according to the given passage ?
(A) Ramaya had many friends in the village
(B) The king had dinner on the day he saw Ramaya's face first thing in
the morning
(C) Ramaya told the villagers that the king was jinxed
(D) One of the ministers had started eating before the king during dinner
(E) None is true
Ans : (D)

42. Arrange the following incidents in a chronological order as they
occurred in the passage.
(1) The court jester met Ramaya
(2) Ramaya received gifts from the king
(3) Ramaya slept at the palace
(4) The villagers realised their mistake
(A) 1324 (B) 3214 (C) 3241 (D) 3142 (E) 3124
Ans : (E)

43. What was Ramaya's last wish ?
(A) He wanted to have a meal with the king
(B) He wanted to talk to the court jester
(C) He wanted to pass on a message to the king
(D) He wanted to speak to a minister
(E) Not mentioned in the passage
Ans : (C)
44. What was the king's request to Ramaya ?
(A) That Ramaya must accept that he is unlucky
(B) That Ramaya must tell the villagers that the king is very kind
(C) That Ramaya must not tell the villagers that a minister had
insulted the king
(D) That Ramaya must not tell the villagers about the incident
(E) That Ramaya must not tell anyone about the gifts he had received
Ans : (D)

45. Who helped save Ramaya from being hanged ?
(A) The court jester
(B) The king
(C) The soldiers
(D) The villagers
(E) The chef
Ans : (A)

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Re: Model paper for RRB Loco Pilot

Directions—(Q. 46 to 48) Choose the word/group of words which is most
similar in the meaning to the word/group of words printed in bold as
used in the passage.

46. Adjacent to
(A) Far away (B) Beside (C) Opposite to (D) Same as (E) Below
Ans : (B)

47. Caught sight of
(A) Searched for (B) Forgot about (C) Suddenly noticed (D) Held (E) Nabbed
Ans : (C)

48. Unfair
(A) Dark (B) Unhappy (C) Unaware (D) Unreasonable (E) Rational
Ans : (D)

Directions—(Q. 49 and 50) Choose the word/group of words which is most
opposite in meaning to the word/group of words printed in bold as used
in the passage.

49. Refused
(A) Unused (B) Remembered (C) Agreed (D) Invited (E) Declined
Ans : (B)

50. Ordered
(A) Requested (B) Unplanned (C) Punished (D) Silenced (E) Explained
Ans : (A)


1. Which of the following states of India has the longest coastline?
1) Kerala 2) Gujarat
3) Tamil Nadu 4) Andhra Pradesh
2. Where was the capital of Ranjit Singh, the king of Punjab, located?
1) Peshawar 2) Amritsar 3) Lahore 4) Rawalpindi
3. The fundamental duties are enshrined in which Article of the Indian
1) Article 51 A 2) Article 50 A 3) Article 50 B 4) Article 51 B
4. The mineral structure of diamond is
1) Zinc 2) Nickel 3) Nitrogen 4) Carbon
5. Which part of the body is affected by Jaundice?
1) Small intestine 2) Liver 3) Stomach 4) Pancreas
6. Which country of the world has the largest number of post offices?
1) France 2) China 3) India 4) Japan
7. Uttar pradesh tops in the production of -in India.
1) sugar cane 2) rice 3) barley 4) wheat
8. The safe temperature to keep eatables fresh in refrigerator is
1) 4°C 2) 0°C 3) 18°C 4) 10°C
9. The instrument used to measure the blood pressure of human body is-
1) Barometer 2) Altimeter
3) Sphygmomano meter 4) Tachometer
10. Automatic wrist watches get energy from-
1) twist in spring 2) liquid crystal
3) kinetic energy 4) movement of our hands
11. When a television is switched on
1) We listen the sound first and then see the picture
2) We see the picture first and then listen sound
3) It depends on the TV manufacturing company
4) We get audio and visual at the same time
12. Goitre in human body is caused due to deficiency of-
1) Iodine 2) Phosphorus 3) Nitrogen 4) Calcium
13. Who sent Huensant as ambassador in the court of Harsha?
1) Fu Chen-Chu 2) Tai Sung 3) Tung Cuan 4) None of these
14. Who wrote Akbarnama?
1) Faizi 2) Abdul Rahim Khankhana
3) Abul Fazal 4) Abdul Kadir Badayun
15. Which metal is generally used to make electro magnets?
1) Copper 2) Nickel 3) Iron 4) Cobalt
16. Artificial silk is called-
1) Rayon 2) Dacron 3) Fibre glass 4) Nylon
17. Dynamo converts-
1) electrical energy into mechanical energy
2) High voltage into low voltage
3) Low voltage into high voltage
4) Mechanical energy into electrical energy
18. The instrument used to measure the electric current is
1) Barometer 2) Altimeter
3) Ammeter 4) Anemometer
19. The best conductor of electricity is
1) Aluminium 2) Copper 3) Iron 4) Silver
20. Urea supplies-to the plants.
1) Calcium 2) Phosphorus 3) Potassium 4) Nitrogen
21. Mica is used in-
1) Furnace 2) Electric industry
3) Steel Industry 4) Glass Manufacturing
22. Which of the following is a physical change?
1) Burning of cooking gas 2) Fermentation of milk
3) Digestion of food 4) Dissolution of sugar in water
23. The chemical compound used in photography is
1) Aluminium Hydroxide 2) Silver Bromide
3) Potassium Nitrate 4) Sodium Chloride
24. What causes cholera?
1) Bacteria 2) Virus 3) Fungus 4) Algae
25. An apparatus for viewing objects lying above the eye level of the observer and
whose direct vision is obstructed is known as-
1) Photometer 2) Periscope 3) Planimeter 4) Spectrometer
26. Which atom has only one electron?
1) Potassium 2) Nitrogen 3) Oxygen 4) Hydrogen
27. What the electrode that is connected to the negative pole of the battery is called?
1) Cathode 2) Electroplate 3) Ion 4) Anode
28. The organic acid present in vinegar is-
1) butanoic acid 2) propanoic acid
3) methanoic acid 4) ethanoic acid
29. Which of the following is an example of fossil fuel?
1) Coke 2) Natural gas 3) Coal gas 4) Producer gas
30. Water gas consists of
1) a mixture of carbon monoxide and hydrogen
2) water vapour and coal dust
3) a mixture of carbon monoxide and nitrogen
4) water vapour and methane
31. A body strike the floor vertically with a velocity u and rebounds at the same
speed. The change of speed would be-
1) 3u 2) Zero 3) u 4) 2u
32. Which of the following is different from others?
1) Speed 2) Time 3) Density 4) Force
33. Momentum has the same unit as that of-
1) torque 2) couple
3) impulse 4) moment of momentum
34. What is the momentum of a man of mass 75 kg when he walks with a uniform
velocity of 2m/s?
1) 50 kg m/s 2) 75 kg m/s 3) 100 kg m/s 4) 150 kg/s
35. At the centre of the earth, the value of g becomes-
1) infinity 2) unity 3) zero 4) None of these
36. Two unequal masses possess the same momentum, then the kinetic energy of
the heavier mass is ....................the kinetic energy of the lighter mass.
1) smaller than 2) greater than
3) same as 4) none of these
37. 15 Bulbs of 60 W each, run for 6 hours daily and a fridge of 300 W runs for
5 hours daily. Find the forthrightly bill at the rate of 30 paise per unit.
1) Rs.31.05 2) Rs.45.55 3) Rs.62.10 4) Rs.75.10
38. Sheaths are used in cables to-
1) Provide proper insulation 2) Provide mechanical strength
3) Prevent ingress of moisture 4) None of these
39. For the stable operation of interconnected system, the passive element that can
be used as interconnecting element is
1) Reactor 2) Resistor
3) Capacitor 4) Resistor and Capacitor
40. The insulation resistance of a cable of length 10 km is 1MΩ, its resistance for 50
km length will be-
1) MΩ 2) 5 MΩ 3) 0.2 MΩ 4) 10 MΩ
41. The rate of change of momentum is directly proportional to-
1) Force 2) Inertia 3) Moment 4) None of these
42. If four 80 µF capacitors are connected in parallel, the net capacitance is-
1) 20 µF 2) 80 µF 3) 160 µF 4) 320 µF
43. The transformer used to decrease the magnitude of the alternating voltage is a-
1) step-up transformer 2) step-down transformer
3) step-in transformer 4) step-out transformer
44. When two bodies are rubbed against each other
1) They acquire equal and similar charges
2) They acquire equal and opposite charges
3) They acquire unequal and similar charges
4) They acquire unequal and opposite charges
45. Lightning is caused in the sky due to the flow of charge between-
1) two oppositely charged clouds
2) two similarly charged clouds
3) one neutral and one charged cloud
4) None of the these
46. Which of these converts sunlight directly into electrical energy?
1) Solar cooker 2) Solar cell
3) Solar furnace 4) Solar water heater
47. Electric charge can flow through-
1) insulators 2) conductors
3) both insulators and conductors 4) neither conductors nor insulators
48. The electric current which changes its direction after fixed intervals of time is
1) induced current 2) direct current
3) alternating current 4) None of these
49. A device used to stabilise the voltage supplied by electric supply station is a-
1) dynamo 2) transformer 3) ammeter 4) generator
50. Silver is a
1) magnetic substance 2) good conductor of electricity
3) bad conductor of electricity 4) none of these
51. An instrument used to observe heavenly bodies is the-
1) telescope 2) camera 3) microscope 4) periscope
52. The maximum percentage in the atmosphere is of
1) Oxygen 2) Nitrogen 3) Carbon dioxide 4) Helium
53. What is the function of Ozone layer?
1) Prevents harmful infra-red rays of the sun from reaching the earth
2) Prevents radiation escaping the earth, hence keeping it warm
3) It is essential for rainfall
4) It filters harmful ultra-violet rays of the sun
54. In the International system of measurement, the 'Kelvin' is the unit of-
1) mass 2) temperature 3) electric current 4) air
55. The Sanchi Stupa was constructed by-
1) Chandragupta 2) Ashoka 3) Kunal 4) Harshavardhan
56. The first atomic power plant was started in India at-
1) Narora 2) Tarapur 3) Rawat bhata 4) None of these
57. To conserve the eatables we use-
1) Benzoic acid 2) Sodium chloride
3) Sodium carbonate 4) None of these
58. The least polluting fuel is-
1) Hydrogen 2) Diesel 3) Kerosene 4) Coal
59. Malaria spreads by-
1) Culex mosquito 2) Anopheles mosquito
3) Water borne mosquito 4) None of these
60. Heart disease is caused by increase in-
1) Glucose 2) Cholesterol 3) Heparin 4) Haemoglobin
61. Which vitamin helps in clotting of blood?
1) Vitamin B 2) Vitamin B2 3) Vitamin K 4) Vitamin D
62. The chief source of energy is-
1) Vitamin 2) Minerals 3) Carbohydrate 4) Water
63. The chief centre of learning during lord Buddha era was-
1) Nalanda 2) Delhi 3) Varanasi 4) Bodh Gaya
64. Mustard is grown in-
1) Kharif season 2) Rabi season 3) Jayad season 4) Whole year
65. In case the posts of President and Vice-President lie vacant, who officiates as the
1) Speaker of the Lok Sabha 2) Chief Justice of India
3) Attorney General of India 4) Chairman of Rajya Sabha
66. Magnetic needle directs to-
1) East 2) Sky 3) North 4) West
67. Lord Buddha got emancipation (Mahapari nirvana) at-
1) Kushinagar 2) Lumbini 3) Bodh Gaya 4) Kapilvastu
68. The colours on a colour code resistor are green, white, orange and silver. Find the
value of resistor.
1) 5.9 × 103 ± 10% 2) 59 × 103 ± 10%
3) 590 × 103 ± 10% 4) 5900 × 102 ± 10%
69. The eddy current loss is directly proportional to
1) Area of metal 2) Volume of metal
3) Length of metal 4) Weight of metal
70. Direction of dynamically induced e.m.f is given by-
1) Lenz's law 2) Flemings right hand rule
3) Flemings left hand rule 4) Cork screw rule
71. The Rowlatt Act, 1919 empowered the British Government to:
1) extend the period of imprisonment for Indians
2) close down any industrial unit at its discretion
3) release all the political prisoners by 1921
4) detain a person for any duration without trial
72. The latitude of a place situated on the equator is:
1° 1° 1° 1) 0° 2) 23  3) 33  4) 66  2 22
73. The purpose of inclusion of Directive Principles in the Constitution is to
1) A Social democracy 2) Gandhian democracy
3) Social and economic democracy 4) Political democracy
74. Afisherman is stranded in a lake because the motor of his motor-boat has failed.
What should he do to reach the shore?
1) He should start walking in his boat towards the shore
2) He should start throwing the fish he has collected away from the shore
3) He should lie flat on his boat
4) He should start throwing the fish he has collected towards the shore
75. The elements in the portland cement is/are -
1) Silica, Alumina and Magnesia 2) Lime, Silica and Magnesia
3) Lime, Silica and Iron oxide 4) Lime, Silica and Alumina
76. The Indian Constitution came into force on -
1) January 21, 1950 2) January 23, 1950
3) January 26, 1950 4) January 30, 1950
77. Insulin activates in
1) Pancreas 2) Parathyroid 3) Liver 4) Pituitary
78. The whole structure of the world is regulated by -
1) Magnetic force 2) Gravitational force
3) Electric force 4) None of these
79. In India State Legislature includes-
1) Legislative Assembly & Legislative Council
2) Legislative Assembly & Council of Ministers
3) Governor, Legislative Assembly & Legislative Council
4) Only Legislative Assembly
80. Which country is on the top in Gold production?
1) China 2) South Africa 3) Brazil 4) Argentina
81. Who wrote "Causes of the Indian Mutiny"?
1) Sayyid Ahmad Khan 2) D.H.Buchanan
3) R.P.Dutt 4) Chittaranjan Das
82. Ranji Trophy and Aga Khan Cup are associated with:
1) Cricket and Volleyball 2) Badminton and Hockey
3) Cricket and Football 4) Cricket and Hockey
83. Where is the headquarters of the International Red Cross Committee?
1) Prague 2) Geneva 3) Moscow 4) Berlin
84. Which Article in the Indian Constitution empowers the President to dissolve the
Lok Sabha?
1) Article 82 2) Article 84 3) Article 85 4) Article 90
85. Which among the following countries has made 'euthanasia' legally valid?
1) Newzealand 2) Denmark 3) Australia 4) Netherlands
Directions (86-88): Find the missing in the following series.
86. 6, 10, 27, 52, 153, ?
1) 308 2) 305 3) 304 4) 306
87. 12, 15, 30, 37.5, 75, ?
1 33 1
1) 93  2) 93  3) 93  4) 93  2 54 4
88. 88, 56, 19, ?
1) 8 2) 7 3) 10 4) -8
Directions (89-91): In the following number series, one of the numbers does not
fit into the series. Find the wrong number.
89. 7, 9, 16, 27, 47, 77, 119
1) 9 2) 16 3) 77 4) 27
90. 4, 5, 12, 39, 160, 804, 4836
1) 12 2) 804 3) 39 4) 4836
91. 844, 420, 208, 102, 47, 22.5, 9.25
1) 420 2) 208 3) 47 4) 22.5
92. In a certain code "DEVIL" is written as ABSEFI. How is "OTHER" written in
that code?
93. In a certain code language "637" means sea is black. "547" means colour is
beautiful and "35" means black colour. Which digit in the language means
1) 6 2) 4 3) 5 4) 3
Directions (94-98): Read the following information to answer the given questions:
(i) A, B, C, D, E and F are six family members.
(ii) There is one doctor, one lawyer, one pilot, one student and one housewife.
(iii) There are two married couples in the family
(iv) F who is a lawyer is father of A.
(v) B is a pilot and mother of C
(vi) D is grandmother of C and is a housewife
(vii) E is father of F and is a doctor
(viii) C is brother of A
94. How many female members are there in the family?
1) 3 2) 2 3) 3 or 4 4) None of these
95. How is A related to D?
1) Granddaughter 2) Grandson
3) Son 4) Either granddaughter or grandson
96. Which of the following statements is definitely true?
1) A is engineer 2) E is the father of the pilot
3) D is the mother of the Pilot 4) F is the father of the engineer
97. Who is student?
1) Either C or A 2) B's son 3) A 4) C
98. Which of the following is one of the pair of married couples?
1) FB 2) FA 3) CF 4) FD
Directions (99-100): Find the wrong one.
99. 1) River 2) Pond 3) Well 4) Tank
100. 1) North 2) Right 3) East 4) South
101. The basis for measuring thermodynamic property of temperature is given by-
1) zeroth law of thermodynamics 2) first law of thermodynamics
3) second law of thermodynamics 4) third law of thermodynamics
102. One watt is equal to-
1) 1 Nm/s 2) 1 N/mt 3) 1 Nm/t 4) 1 k Nm/mt
103. Work done is zero for the following process-
1) constant volume 2) free expansion
3) throttling 4) all of the above
104. One calorie in kgm is equal to
1) 0.427 2) 4.27 3) 42.7 4) 427
105. On volume basis, air contains following parts of Oxygen
1) 21 2) 23 3) 25 4) 77
106. Universal gas constant is defined as equal to product of the molecular weight of
the gas and
1) specific heat at constant pressure 2) specific heat at constant volume
3) ratio of two specific heat 4) gas constant
107. Strictly speaking all engineering processes are-
1) quasi-static 2) thermodynamically in equilibrium
3) irreversible 4) reversible
108. In a free expansion process
1) work done is zero 2) heat transfer is zero
3) both (1) and (2) 4) work done is zero but heat increases
109. Which of the following process is irreversible process
1) isothermal 2) adiabatic 3) throttling 4) all of the above
110. Minimum work in compressor is possible when the value of adiabatic index n is
equal to-
1) 0.75 2) 1 3) 1.27 4) 1.35
111. In DC motor the direction of induced emf is opposite to main bars as per-
1) fleming's left hand rule 2) lenz's law
3) fleming's right hand rule 4) faradays' law
112. The condition for max power developed by the motor-
1) Eb=v/2 2) Cost losses = variable losses
3) Both (1) and 4) 4) I2 aRa = mechanical loss
113. The Ta/Ia graph of a DC series motor is a-
1) parabola from no load to over load
2) straight line through out
3) parabola up to full load and a time at over load
4) parabola through out
114. 220V shunt motor develops torque of 54 nM at armature current of 10A. The
torque produced when the armature current is 20A is-
1) 54 NM 2) 81 N.M 3) 108 N.M 4) 27 N.M
115. Which type of DC generator is used in welding machines-
1) series generator 2) shunt generator
3) cumulatively compound 4) differential compound

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