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September 28th, 2017, 08:40 AM
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Re: Model Question Paper MBA Osmania University

As you want to download question paper of MBA 2nd Year Course of Osmania University, so I am providing question papers:

Osmania University MBA 2nd Year Question Paper: Business Communications

Part – A
(10 * two = 20 Marks)

1. Write short notes on the subsequent in not more than 50 words each:
a) Non-Verbal Symbols
b) Characteristics of Good Vs. Poor Listeners
c) Focus of Job Interviews
d) Discussion Techniques
e) Presentation Vs. Lecture
f) Win-Win Situation in Negotiations.
g) Coherence in Writing
h) Problem Definition
i) Resume written by a New Management Graduate
j) Basic and Subsidiary Parts of Report

Part – B ( five * 16 = 80 Marks)

2.a) explain how communication is the life-line of an organisation’s good health.
b) ‘The foremost barrier to oral communication is poor listening’. explain the statement fully and bring out the factors that affect listening process.

3.a) elaborate principles of good interviewing? Classify and discuss them by the typical sequence of functions that occur within the interview.
b) ‘The success of group meetings and discussions in committees depends on your picking up the verbal cues and clues’. what are on this statement and offer your suggestions for making oral communication persuasive and convincing.

4.a) Is negotiation basically meant for resolving conflicts? Or, does it have any other purposes in our personal or organizational lives? discuss.
b) What according to you is a Presentation? List the characteristics of your audience you would like to consider, before giving your presentation.

5.a) elaborate the benefits of Written Analysis? What abilities are involved in the process of analysis?
b) ‘Written analysis is an analytical and evaluative exercise’. explain the statement and comment on the importance of ability to sift through relevant info and data for analysis.

6.a) Mention the points you would like to keep before you if a few 1 asked you to write a Business Report and not an essay.
b) Is it necessary to write an application letter(covering letter) with a CV? Why? What is the function of summary placed at the beginning of a CV? Offer a few guidelines to help in preparing a good CV.

Osmania University MBA 2nd Year Question Paper: MANAGEMENT info SYSTEMS
Part – A (10 * two = 20 Marks)

1.Answer the subsequent in about 50 words each:
a) SSAD f) DSS
b) Prototyping g) IS Planning
c) Normalisation h) End User Computing
d) SDLC i) Requirement Analysis
e) File Structures j) Forms

Part – B ( five * 16 = 80 Marks)

2.a) discuss the need for integration of IS with the changing business needs.
b) elaborate Business info Systems ? discuss the constraints of such Systems.

3.a) What models can be used for IS Planning? elaborate the limitations of such models?
b) How IS can build competitive advantage? elaborate the uses of strategic info systems and strategy level info systems?

4.a) elaborate the advantages and disadvantages of centralization and decentralization of MIS ?
b) What is DBMS? discuss the different components of D.B.M.S.

5.a) Categories end users by skill and maturity. elaborate the benefits and risks associated with End User Computing?
b) What is the impact of Current patterns in Hardware, Software and Communication Technologies on organization?

6.a) elaborate the uses of transactional, tactical and strategic info systems? discuss the need for integration of IS with the changing business needs. provide examples.
b) Write flow diagrams of sales info systems and HRIS.

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