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July 2nd, 2014, 09:13 AM
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Question paper for CBSE 12th Commerce Economics

Can you give me question paper for CBSE 12th Commerce economics Question papers in PDF file format ?

Here I am giving you question paper for CBSE 12th Commerce economics Question papers in PDF file attached with it so you can get it easily.

1. Answer the following questions : 4×1
(i) Define market supply.
(ii) What is meant by producer's equilibrium ?
(iii) Define marginal physical product.
(iv) Define equilibrium price.
2. State any three causes of a rightward shift of demand curve of a commodity. 3
3. State the geometric method of measuring price elasticity of supply (in case of
straight line supply curve). 3
4. What is the relationship between marginal cost and average variable cost ? 3

5. State three main features of perfect competition. 3

6. Complete the following table :
Output Price Total Revenue Marginal Revenue
(units) (Rs.) (Rs.) (Rs.)
1 12 — —
2 10 — —
3 8 — —
4 6 — — 4
7. Distinguish between 'change in supply' and 'change in quantity supplied' of a
commodity. (Use diagrams) 4
Explain any two determinants of supply of a commodity.

8. Explain the problem of 'what to produce' with the help of an example. 4

9. The quantity demanded of a commodity at a price of Rs. 8 per unit is 600 units.
Its price falls by 25 percent and quantity demanded rises by 120 units. Calculate
its price elasticity of demand. Is its demand elastic ? Give reason for your
answer. 4

10. Explain consumer's equilibrium, in case of a single commodity, with the help of
a utility schedule. 6
How is the demand of a commodity affected by changes in the price of related
goods ? Explain with the help of diagrams.

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