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Default SAIL Management Trainee (MT) Exam Old Question Papers

Will you please like to provide me the previous year Mechanical Engineering question Paper of SAIL Management Trainee (MT) Exam??
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Default Re: SAIL Management Trainee (MT) Exam Old Question Papers

As per your demand here I am sharing the previous year Mechanical Engineering question Paper of SAIL Management Trainee (MT) Exam

The chronological order of strokes in a four stroke petrol engine is
1] Suction stroke, working stroke, compression stroke and exhaust stroke.
2] Suction stroke, compression stroke, working stroke and exhaust stroke.
3] Compression stroke, working stroke, suction stroke and exhaust stroke.
4] Compression stroke, suction stroke, working stroke and exhaust stroke.

The enthalpy of steam is defined as
1] Difference of internal energy and product of pressure and volume.
2] Product of internal energy and pressure.
3] Sum of internal energy and product of pressure and volume.
4] Amount of heat change divided by the absolute temperature.

Which of the following operations can be performed using a drilling machine
A. Reaming B. Countersinking C. Spot Facing D.
Thread tapping
1] Only A, B and D 2] Only B, C and D 3] Only A, B and C 4] All of
Which of the following are the advantages of impulse turbine over reaction turbines
A. Occupies less space per unit power.
B. Compounding is not necessary for speed reduction as the rotor speeds are usually low.
C. Suitable for high power generation.
1] B and C only 2] A only 3] C only 4] A and C only

Maximum power transfer through line V1= 110 kv, V2= 100kv, X=22 ohm is
a 500 MW
b 500 KW
c 250 MW
d 250 KW
Ans 500 MW

Q.Which type of power plant requires maximum expenditure
a Hydel power plants
b Nuclear power plants
c Thermal power plants
d Gas based power plants
Q.Base load of a power station stands for
a 2-4 hoursday
b 4-8 hoursday
c 8-12 hoursday
d 12-24hoursday
Ans 12-24hoursday

Q.A wire is placed on the top of a transmission line to protect from
a surge high voltage
b Direct lightning strocks
c indirect lightnin strocks
d Switching over voltages
Ans Direct lightning strocks

Q.A wire is placed on the top of a transmission line acts as
a acts as a phase wire
b acts as neutral
c acts as a transmission wire
d acts as ground wire

Which of the following can be magnified by magnetic amplifier
(a) voltage
(b) current
(c) power
(d) none of above

The inductance is not used in lag network because of
(a) big size
b) time delay and hysteresis losses
(c) high reactance
(d) none of these
Saturation in a stable control system can cause
(a) conditional stability
(b) over damping
(c) low level oscillations
(d) high level oscillations

Excessive noise in control systems can cause
a) reduction in bandwidth
(b) reduction in gain
(c) saturation in amplifying stages
(d) oscillations

The type-0 system has
(a) net pole at the origin
(b) no pole at the origin
(c) simple at one origin
(d) two poles at the origin

In control systems, excessive bandwidth should be avoided because
(a) noise is proportional to bandwidth
(b) it leads to low relative stability
(c) it leads to slow speed of response
(d) none of these

In most systems, an increase in gain leads to
(a) larger damping ratio
(b) smaller damping ratio
(c) constant damping ratio
(d) none of these

A step function is applied to the input of a system and output is of the form y = t, the system is
(a) stable
(b) unstable
(c) not necessarily stable
(d) conditionally stable

The function of the safety resistor in ohm meter is to
(a) limit the current in the coil
(b) increase the voltage drop across the coil
(c) increase the current in the coil
(d) protect the battery

Which of the following instruments is free from hysteresis and eddy current losses
(a) M.l. instrument
(b) electrostatic instrument
(c) electrodynamometer type instrument
(d)all of these

The dielectric loss of a capacitance can be measured by
(a) Wien bridge
(b) Owen bridge
(c) Schering bridge
(d) Maxwell bridge
Reed frequency meter is essentially a
(a) recording system
(b) deflection measuring system
(c) vibration measuring system
(d) oscillatory measuring system

In measurements made using a Q meter, high impedance elements should preferably be connected in
(a) star
(b) delta
(c) series
(d) parallel
A digital voltmeter measures
(a) peak value
(b) peak-to-peak value
(c) rms value
(d) average value
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Default SAIL Management Trainee (MT) Exam Old Question Papers

Can any buddy here please provide me the last year Electronics question paper of SAIL Management Trainee (MT) Exam???
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Default Re: SAIL Management Trainee (MT) Exam Old Question Papers

Here I am providing you last year Electronics question paper of SAIL Management Trainee (MT) Exam

Q. Power diode is generally made from
a) Silicon
b) Germanium
c) Both
d) None of these
Q. When the both junction of NPN diode is reverse biased, then the diode is in which mode
a) Active
b) Cutoff
c) Saturation
d) inverted
Q. Which transistor mode gives the inverted output
a) Common Emitter
b) Common Base
c) Common Collector
d) None of these
Q. Which coupling gives the higher gain in case of amplifier
a) Capacitor coupling
b) Impedance coupling
c) Transformercoupling
Q. Which distortion is least objectionable in audio amplification
a) Phase
b) Frequency
c) Harmonic
d) Intermediation
Q. A narrow band amplifier has a band pass nearly…………of central frequency
a) 33.3%
b) 10%
c) 50%
Q. Phase shift oscillator consists
a) RL
b) RC
c) RLC
Q. Multivibrater Produces
a) Sine wave
b) Square wave
c) Smooth wave
d) sawtooth
Q. Convert the 101101 Binary number into octal no
a) 65
b) 55
c) 51
d) 45
Ans: 55
Q. 10 in BCD
a) 10100
b) 1100
c) 010111
d) None of these
Ans: None of these
Q. Which PNP device has a terminal for synchronizing purpose
a) SCS
b) Triac
c) Diac
d) SUS
Q. Addition of indium in semiconductor crystal makes
a) PNP
b) NPN
Q. Free electron exists in which band
a) 1
b) 2
c) 3
d) Conduction band
Q. Ripple factor of half wave rectifier
a) 1.21
b) 0.48
c) 0.5
Q. Transistor that can be used in enhancement mode
a) NPN
b) UJT
Q. Following contributes to harmonic distortion in Amplifier
a) +Ve feedback
b) –Ve feedback
c) Defective active device
Q. High cutoff frequency
a) CB
b) CC
c) CE
Q. Which is used as data selector?
a) Encoder
b) Decoder
c) modulator
d) Demodulator
Q. Read write capable memory
a) RAM
b) ROM
c) Both
d) None of these
Q.the radix or base of hexadecimal number system is -----------
a) 8
b) 16
c) 5
d) none of these
Ans: 16
Q.the no of 1’s in the binary representation of the expression 162*9+162*7+16*5+3 are
a) 10
b) 23
c) 6
d) 4
Q. the no of latches in F/F are -------
a) 1
b) 2
c) 3
d) 4
Q.how many flip-flops are required to construct Mod -12 counter
a) 5
b) 4
c) 12
d) none
Ans: 4
Q. which logic gate has the output is compliment of its input ----------
a) OR
b) AND
c) NOT
d) X-OR
Ans: NOT
Q.no.of 2-input multiplexers needed to construct a 210 input multiplexer…….
a) 12
b) 31
c) 20
d) 16
Q.By adding inverters to the inputs and output of a AND gate we can obtain ……………
a) OR
b) AND
c) NOT
d) X-OR
Ans: X-OR
Q.how many NAND gates are needed to realize OR gate --------------
a) 1
b) 2
c) 3
d) 4
Ans: 3
Q.which is the first integrated logic family ---------------
a) RTL
b) DTL
c) TTL
d) none of these
Q. Which logic gate has output high if and only if all inputs are low ---------?
a) NOR
c) X-NOR
d) AND
Q.According to Boolean algebra 1+A+B+C =
a) A
b) A+B+C
c) 1
d) none of these
Ans: 1
Q. If a=0x6db7 and b=0x2ae9 then what is the value of a”b--------------
a) binary number for 1001.1101?
b) decimal number for 19?
c) excess-3 code for 29?
Q.what is the value of A'+1 ?
a) A
b) A'
c) 1
d) none of these
Ans: 1
Q.2 in 4 bit number one bit indicates sign of the number then the locations are from
a) -8 to 8
b) -7 to 7
c) -16 to 16
d) None
Q.Avalanche photo diode is used when compared to PIN diode bcz
a)larger band width
b)high sensitivity
Q.some non zero DC voltage is to RC low pass circuit then the DC voltage in the output contains
a) Same as in input
b) Higher than input
c) Zero
d) Slightly increases
Q.if the output of the gate is always high then the gates applied to this logic are 0,0
a) NAND and EX-NOR
b) NAND and NOR
c) AND and X-NOR
d) OR and XOR
Q.Thermal Run away is not possible in FET bcz the flow of
a)minority careers
Ans : minority careers
Q.which of the following is/are true about 1's and 2's compements:
i)In 1's complement form. 0 has two representations
ii)in 1's complement, the magnitude of lowest number is equal to the magnitude of highest number
iii)In 2's complement, 0 has two representations
a) i only
b) i and ii
c) iii only
d) all of these
Q.In the hybrid parameter model of a transistor reverse transfer voltage ratio and forward transfer
current ratio are respectively given by:
a) h11 and h21
b) h12 and h11
c) h21 and h11
d) None of these
Q.The largest negative no can be represented with 8 bits in 2's compliment representation?
Ans: -128
Q. How many NAND gates required to implement AB+CD+EF
a) 1
b) 2
c) 3
d) 4
Ans: 4
Q. Transparent latch is seen in which type of flip flop
a) SR FF
b) D FF
c) JK FF
d) D FF
Ans: D FF
Q. Odd parity generator uses which logic?
a) Digital
b) Analog
c) Sequential
d) none
Q. Which type of ADC is fastest?
b) Counter type
c) Intigrated type
d) Flash
ANS: Flash/Parallel
Q. Which one of the following is fastest read/writable memory?
c) Flash
d) none
Ans: Flash
8. In array programming which one is used
d) None
Q.Which one of the following has high I/p impedance
a) CC
b) CB
c) CE
d) None
Q. The maximum time allowed time for each flip flop for a mod 10 synchronous counter if each flip flop
delay is 25ns.
a) 25 ns
b) 50 ns
c) 100 ns
d) none
Q. The resolution for a DAC is given by 0.4% then no. of bits of DAC is
a) 8- bits
b) 16- bits
c) 32- bits
d) none
Ans: 8- bits
41) The chip capacity is 256 bits, then the no.of chips required to build 1024 B memory Is
a) 32
b) 16
c) 15
d) 4
Q. Which of the following are correct?
1)A flip-flop is used to store 1-bit of information
2)Race around condition occurs in JK flip flop when both the inputs are 1
3)Master slave flip flop is used to store 2 bits of information
4)A transparent latch consists of a D- flip flop
a) 1,2,3
b) 1,3,4
c) 1,2,4
d) 2,3,4
Ans: 1,2,4
Q. output resistance of ideal OP AMP is
a) 0
b) 1
c) infinite
d) very high
ANS: 0
Q. CMRR of an OP AMP is given as 80db and Ad is 20000.Value of Acm will be
a) 4
b) 8
c) 2
d) 1
Ans: 2
Q.Si,Ge lie in ........block of periodic table
a) III
b) V
c) IV A
d) IV B
Ans: IV A
Q.to obtain 10 mV resolution on 5 V range how many bit DAC is to be used
a) 4
b) 8
c) 16
d) 32
Q.% resolution of a 10 bit ADC
a) 1.588%
b) 0.392%
c) 0.0978%
d) 0.0244%
Ans: 0.0978%
Q.Efficiency of half wave rectifier
a) 45%
b) 50%
c) 86%
d) 100%
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