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July 27th, 2016, 06:37 PM
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Re: West Bengal Teacher Eligibility Test Question And Answer

The west Bengal Teacher Eligibility test is taken for Admission into the recruitment of teachers in the School of the state West Bengal

Eligibility Criteria :

Only those persons who have passed Higher Secondary (12th Class) or its equivalent with at least 50% marks (45% for the SC, ST, OBC-A, OBC-B, PH, EC, Ex-Serviceman and DH Category candidates) OR Graduation from any recognized University, irrespective of percentage of marks therein on or before 25-05-2015.

the Sample paper of the West Bengal teacher Eligibility test is given below


1. Due to an extended winter break, the school management arranges for classes during holidays, What will be your reaction as a teacher?
(i) Protest and not take classes.
(ii) Request reconsideration of decision.
(iii) Tell students to prepare on their own.
(iv) Accept it as your responsibility.

2. In your class you find that some students cannot understand a topic because of the wide gap in their previous knowledge. What would you do?
(i) Arrange extra classes to help them.
(ii) Ask the parents to arrange help at home.
(iii) Continue with your classes.
(iv) Seek Principal’s help.


5.Select the most appropriate word to fill in the blanks in the given sentence.
“The story that the mountaineer_________ was very exciting.”
(i) explained
(ii) narrated
(iii) repeated
(iv) revealed

6. If you reach the school late, your Principal ___________ angry.
(i) will be
(ii) was being
(iii) has been
(iv) is being


7. The place value of zero in 1341.01 is –
(i) Hundreds
(ii) Tens
(iii) Units
(iv) Tenths
8.Which of the following numbers is divisible by 2,4,6 and 8.
(i) 534800
(ii) 543888
(iii) 534810
(iv) 542316


9. The taste buds for bitter taste are present at the –
(i) centre of tongue.
(ii) back of tongue.
(iii) tip of tongue.
(iv) edges of tongue.

10. Which part of the plant evaporates water?
(i) Stomata.
(ii) Fruit.
(iii) Branch.
(iv) Root.

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