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June 27th, 2013, 03:49 PM
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Correspondence Courses For NET In Life Science

Hello I want to know Correspondence Course of GRASSROOTS for CSIR-NET.So can you give me details about this ? Also provide me sample question papers.

Here I am giving you details about Correspondence Course of GRASSROOTS for CSIR-NET:

The correspondence programmes offered by GRASSROOTS for CSIR-NET are very detailed in context .
Programmes are specially designed to provide you strong competencies on subjects and develop confidence in basics, problem solving skills and a competitive advantage.

Under correspondence programme GRASSROOTS provide:
1. Study Material (subjective)
2. Evaluation (Test Series)

Fee Structure :
Rs. 7500/- + Rs. 300/- (postal charge for outstation)
(Inclusive of service tax)

Sample paper of life sciences:
21. Which of the following bonds will be most difficult to break?
1. C–O
2. C–C
3. C–N
4. C–S

22. A solution of 1% (w/v) starch at pH 6.7 is digested by 15 µg of -amylase (mol wt 152,000). The rate of maltose (mol wt = 342) had a maximal initial velocity of 8.5 mg formed per min. The turnover number is
1. 0.25  105 min–1.
2. 25  105 min–1.
3. 2.5  105 min–1.
4. 2.5  104 min–1.

23. The conformation of a nucleotide in DNA is affected by rotation about how many bonds?
1. 4
2. 6
3. 7
4. 3

24. Which of the following proteins acts as an energy transducer?
1. G-protein.
2. Bacteriorhodopsin.
3. Hemoglobin.
4. Heat shock protein.

25. Which of the following predicted property of lipid bilayers would result if the
phospholipids had only one hydrocarbon chain instead of two?
1. The bilayers formed would be much less fluid.
2. The diameter of the head group would be much larger than the acyl chain and would
tend to form micelles rather than bilayers.
3. the bilayers formed would be much more fluid.
4. the bilayers would be more permeable to small water-soluble molecules.

26. Which pump is responsible for initiating muscle contraction through depolarization of
muscle cell membrane?
1. Na+ pump.
2. K+ pump.
3. Ca2+ pump.
4. Mg2+ pump.

Download complete Life Sciences Model Question paper attached below:

Contact details:
Grassroots Academy
2274, Hudson Line, Behind Khalsa College(DU),
Near Vishwavidhyalaya Metro Station Kingsway Camp, New Delhi, DL 110009 ‎
095 40 169164


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Hello I want to know Correspondence Course of GRASSROOTS for CSIR-NET.So can you give me details about this ? Also provide me sample question papers.
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