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July 9th, 2014, 01:43 PM
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I am looking for question paper for Tamil Nadu common entrance test ME Civil Engineering course examination ?

Here I am giving you question paper for Tamil Nadu common entrance test ME Civil Engineering course examination in PDF file attached with it .

The acceleration of a particle moving along 82. For M 150 concrete, according to I.S.
the circumference of a circle with a uniform
speed is directed
1. radially
2. tangentially a t the point
3. away from the center
4. towards the center

The inherent of a body which offers
reluctance to change its state of rest or
uniform motion is
1. weight
2. mass
3. inertia
4. momentum

A satellite goes on moving along its orbit
round earth due to
1. gravitational force
2. centrifugal force
3. centripetal force
4. none of the above

Stress in a beam due to simple bending is
1. directly proportional
2. inversely proportional
3. curvilinearly released
4. none of the above

The phenomenon of slow growth of strain
under a steady tensile stress is called
1. yielding
2. creeping
specification local bond stress is
1. 5
3. 15
4. 20

A prestressed concrete member is
made of concrete
3. made of reinforced concrete
4. none of the above

A column splice is used to increase
1. length of
2. strength of column
3. cross sectional area of
4. none of the above

The stress in the wall or a thin cylinder
subjected to internal pressure is
1. hoop compression
2. shear
3. torsional shear
hoop tension

The bearing capacity of soil is
1. total load on t h e bearing area
2. safe load on t h e bearing area
determining the velocity of groundwater flow
in meter per day is known a s
1. Meinzer's formula
2. Slichter's
3. Darcy's formula

For the estimate of high floods in fan -
shaped catchment, the formula used is
1. Dicken's formula
3. load a t which soil fails 2. formula
4. load a t which soil consolidates

Under piles are generally
1. driven piles
3. Inglish formula
4. None of the above

A circular sewer section is preferred to other
shapes because
2. board files 1. it is cheaper in construction
3. precast piles
4. all of the above

From a nozzle exposed to atmosphere, the
liquid jet traverses along
4. chlorinated sulphur

The maximum pressure to a pipe i s
1. a straight line
2. a circular path
3. an elliptical path
4. a parabolic path

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